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One of the most common resolutions that most people make to welcome the new year focuses on getting fit - only to lose track of the goal in a matter of weeks. As most health buffs already know, knowing how to lose weight is all about good nutrition and good exercise. However, some people just can't seem to get their ideal weight and lose none of the fat they intend to, no matter how much effort they exert to really become fit and fabulous.

Neat Bodies is dedicated to educating people about how to lose weight fast, by going beyond the mainstream methods that preach anything from lowering calorie intake to increasing metabolism. The website underscores that in losing weight, it is not enough to just "burn" fat, as fat will have to be broken first.

According to, commonly known weight loss formulas are, in fact, 30 years behind on research, as evidenced by the mainstream society that is generally obese. Helping people break free from traditional training routines and stay ahead of the crowd, offers a wealth of informative books for downloading which show you the much better way.

Catering to the absolute beginner and the fully experienced fitness professional alike, guarantees beneficial advice through books that cover a wide range of complicated subjects ranging from the basics of correct form to the latest neurological pathways known to science. Even though the subjects on how to lose weight can be complicated, the advice is stripped down into simple bite-size segments full of useful and practical information that is easily understood.

From getting V-cut abs, to managing menstrual cramps, to learning the detox diet, to getting informed on how to lose arm fat in 21 days, offers valuable advice on downloadable publications that are based on professional in-field experience as well as the very latest scientific research. As such, the e-books are targeted towards those who want more than the typical advice they hear in the mainstream media, on YouTube or from the person training in the gym.

As a way to start the year right, is treating people to a five percent discount on coupon code "GOODBYE2012" on the informative downloadable books. A low-price guarantee and a money-back guarantee are offered to individuals who are not fully satisfied with the books.

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