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Los Angeles Shredding Company Sergeant Shredder Fuses Law-driven Shredding Services with Resource Conservation

Offering secure and dependable document and product shredding services, Sergeant Shredder helps companies throughout California in the fight against identity theft and fraud while also demonstrating concern for the environment.

Identity theft - which involves stealing of personal details and using them to commit fraud - is a widespread crime in the United States that is often operated by organized crime groups. Expectedly, many such law-breakers operate using advanced technologies, such as password and website hacking, in victimizing some 9.3 million Americans on a yearly basis. Studies reveal, however, that in 87% of identity theft cases, criminals acquire the details they need by dumpster diving, among other low-tech theft methods.

In an effort to protect businesses and the public, laws have been enacted to also address the security and privacy of personal data. Among other regulations, it is required that confidential and sensitive documents be destroyed in a manner that is designed to protect businesses and consumers.

Sergeant Shredder is a trusted provider of mobile shredding services in the State of California. Serving clients in Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura Counties, the company is all about protecting businesses while effecting regulatory compliance.

Detailed at, the Los Angeles shredding company team offers paper destruction, which includes PIN codes; insurance or loan documents; legal and medical records; deposition transcripts; contracts and correspondence; credit information; Social Security Numbers; credit card numbers; financial and tax records; bank statements; and password information. Product Destruction services involve shredding of CDs and disk drives; hard drives; video tapes; x-rays; product samples; prototypes; and credit cards.

The team goes on-site for the proper, fast, secure and reliable destruction of old documents. To ensure this, the company's driver personnel consists only of former firefighters, military and law enforcement officers who successfully pass a comprehensive seven-year background investigation. By doing so, the possibility of client information falling into the wrong hands is reduced, if not totally eliminated.

While giving business owners the peace of mind with secure paper shredding services, the Orange County shredding service embraces the principles of conservation by recycling the shredded remains. The company utilizes advanced Mobile Shredding technologies, with fuel-friendly vehicles carrying state-of-the-art control systems that reduce the emission of air pollutants.

To learn more about the reliable document destruction and shredding services of Sergeant Shredder, please visit for information.

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