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Los Angeles Psychiatrist Offers Insight and Reassurance Following Recent School Shooting

Dr. Michael Mamoun, M.D. provides valuable information regarding what 's occurring inside the mind of a mass killer. In addition, he hopes to offer support and feedback to families who may be coping with trauma-related symptoms .

The school massacre yesterday in Newtown Connecticut that left dozens of school-aged children dead has us all shocked and appalled. As people around the country try to cope with such a profound loss, many also wonder what kind of person could commit such a heinous act. Sandy Hook School is the latest in a long line of school massacres, which not only affect the people directly involved, but also leaves everyone else with a fear of going about their daily lives.

Psychiatrist Michael Mamoun, M.D., Executive Medical Director of CNS Behavioral Health located in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA, is available to offer in-person/in-studio commentary and insight into the mind of a mass killer and discuss possible psychiatric factors that may have been involved. Dr. Mamoun can also address the topic of alleviating fears in the general public after such a national tragedy.

"Although the vast majority of persons suffering from mental illness do not commit violent crimes, unfortunately sometimes they do," Dr. Mamoun stated. "When mental health issues are indeed involved, they can potentially involve a range of factors. These include a possible past history of substance abuse or acute intoxication, but sometimes more longstanding personality or characterological disorders, or at times, more profound biological psychiatric conditions such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. Sometimes it may be a combination of several of these. "

"This is obviously not just someone pushed over the edge because they had a bad day. The history of these people may be one of extreme social isolation, of feeling disconnected from society, and at times even feeling victimized by others or by society."

Doctor Mamoun completed his medical training in the specialty of Psychiatry at the Neuropsychiatric Institute of the UCLA Medical Center. He is currently the Executive Medical Director of CNS, a comprehensive outpatient psychiatric practice located in Los Angeles, CA. Dr. Mamoun is actively involved in research and teaching in addition to his clinical work. During his career, he has treated a wide range of patients in multiple settings, including working from within jail & prison units, but also at university medical centers, homeless and non-profit mental health clinics, community hospitals, and private practice.

To learn more about Doctor Mamoun, please visit his website at:
Dr. Mamoun can be reached during the week or on the weekend. To book Doctor Mamoun for an in-studio, on-the-phone, or in-the-field interview, please call him at 310-440-9800.

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