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Los Angeles Area Fire Chiefs Learn About Heart Disease the #1 Killer of Firefighters at LAAFC Desert Conference 2012

WebMD Medical Editor and Heart Surgeon, Dr. Michael Richman gives a comprehensive talk on why Firefighters are at higher risk of sudden heart attack and offers the latest information on the benefits of advanced cholesterol screening.

The Los Angeles Area Fire Chiefs Association will be holding their bi-annual Desert Conference on October 17-19 in La Quinta, California with special medical guest speaker, WebMD Medical Editor and internationally-known heart health expert, Dr. Michael Richman.

Michael F. Richman M.D., F.A.C.S., is the medical and scientific director for the Center for Cholesterol Management in Los Angeles, California. Dr. Richman serves on a variety of medical advisory boards and editorial boards for cholesterol and heart health and was the first medical speaker to be recognized by the National Volunteer Fire Council in 2008 to participate in their national program, Firefighter Health Week on behalf of the Hermosa Firefighters Association. He has since been speaking to both fire and police agencies in the greater Los Angeles area on ways public safety personnel can reduce their risk of sudden and fatal heart attacks, the #1 LODD (line of duty death) in the fire service.

As a special guest for the Los Angeles Area Fire Chiefs, Dr. Richman will be giving a 90 minute presentation on Thursday October 18, from 7-8:30pm at the Embassy Suites in La Quinta, California. He will discuss why firefighters are at a higher risk profile than the general public, the latest research and treatment available and offer preventative measures, including advanced cholesterol screening, lifestyle modifications and offer new information on warning signs and indications.

Dr. Michael Richman is a dual board certified cardiothoracic/cardiovascular surgeon and leading expert on cholesterol management and advanced lipoprotein testing. Along with his advisory position with Health Diagnostics Laboratory, Inc., he is on the medical advisory board of the National Lipid Journal, a medical editor for WebMD and writes frequently for the national heart health examiner on Dr. Richman is known for performing the most comprehensive cardiovascular screening available in the United States and has been featured on national programming, including syndicated television and radio programs.

To learn more about Dr. Richman's work in the fire service visit these links:
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Watch Dr. Richman's 45 minute Firefighter Health Video

If you work with an agency in the Los Angeles Area and would like to have Dr. Richman give this presentation to your department, please call C.A. Cross & Associates - 310-406-1035 or visit

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