Lord Mahavir - The Greatest Scientist Of The Universe, Says Param Pujya Pappaji Over 3500 Followers Of Shrimad Rajchandra Aatma Tatva Research Center Celebrate Mahavir Jayanti With Discourses And Learning's Of Lord Mahavir

• Param Pujya Pappaji portrayed a scientific and revolutionary view of Lord Mahavir and his teachings, which are very much relevant in today's life

Mahavir Jayanti was celebrated with spiritual fervor and devotion at the Yogi Sabhagruh Auditorium, Dadar (E), Mumbai today with over 3500 seekers attending the discourse of Param Pujya Pappaji.

The event was organized by Shrimad Rajchandra Aatma Tatva Research Centre, one of India's fast up-coming, not-for-profit, NGO working for social upliftment through spiritual and humanitarian work. The audience was enthralled with Pappaji's exemplary interpretation of the teachings of Lord Mahavir and was treated to an insightful and enlightening session that will remain etched in their hearts and minds for a long time.

The highlight of the program was a spiritual discourse by Param Pujya Pappaji on Lord Mahavir - The Greatest Scientist of this Universe! Pappaji's statement "Everybody knows Mr. Mahavir but nobody knows Bhagwan Mahavir" startled listeners and made them re-think their understanding of Jain philosophy. A key highlight was how Lord Mahavir's teachings can be understood and applied with a scientific and rational point of view in today's fast paced life. His teachings offer a practical and solution-driven approach towards leading a healthier, balanced and complete life for today's generation.

Pappaji's discourse was laden with interesting examples that held the audience's attention with awe. He quoted the scietinfic laws of various scientists like Aristotle, Newton, Einstein & Stephen Hawkings and compared them to the principles propounded by Lord Mahavir. A very strange phenomenon expressed by him was that some of the scientific principles that were so acclaimed earlier no longer hold true today !! For Eg. Newton's law of gravity stated that the gravitational force applies to all objects equally. Later this law was revised by Einstein's theory of relativity, which said that the gravitational force is relative to the weight of the object. However, have we ever thought that when an apple falls from a tree due to force of gravity, why does this force not act on other apples grown at the same time??

In comparison, Lord Mahavir's principle of Vastuswabhav completely explains this phenomenon. This, and many more principles such as the structure of atom, string theory, and even biology and embryology were explained.

The Event also included a transcendent, devotional recital program by international Bhakti group 'Sparsh'.

The spiritual program was attended by dignitaries Shri Subodh Kant Sahai (Hon. Union Cabinet Minister, Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India), Smt. Varsha Gaikwad (Hon. Minister of State - Ministry of Women & Child Development, Government of Maharashtra), Shri. Sachin Mohan Ahir (Hon. Minister of State - Housing, Govt. of Maharashtra), Smt. Shraddha Jadhav (Hon. Mayor of Mumbai) and Smt. Smita Mandevia (Regional Chairperson WZ - II, Ministry of FPI).

Shri Subodh Kant Sahai, the Chief Guest, said, "Param Pujya Pappaji's discourse brings a modern and scientific approach to religion. In this age of stress, the principles of Jainism provide individuals with an uncomplicated path to spiritual enlightenment. I value the message Lord Mahavir gave on righteousness."

Mr. Nilesh Mehta, Trustee of the Centre, said, "It is endearing to see today's youth so inclined towards spirituality and participate so dedicatedly. The Research Centre aims to spread the peace and bliss in society through its mission of disseminating 'Vitraag Vigyaan' philosophy

About Shrimad Rajchandra Aatma Tatva Research Centre (www.rajchandrakp.org)
Shrimad Rajchandra Aatma Tatva Research Centre is a 'non-profit & non-religious' spiritual NGO registered with the Charity Commission and dedicated towards dissemination of peace through the study and practice of the eternal spiritual science 'Vitraag Vigyaan'.

Spiritual Discourses and Interactive sessions based on philosophy of "Vitraag Vigyaan" are conducted in various parts of the world. "Essence of Life" Study Modules are conducted at the Nalanda Centre, Times Foundation. Vitraag Vigyaan study respects all beliefs and embraces all philosophies, yet breaks through limiting beliefs and ideologiesThe Centre conducts spiritual workshops and camps and has initiated socio-economic development projects in the fields of Education, Public Health, Environment protection and Women Empowerment. The Centre's initiatives for the community include Shree Raj Education Centre, Shree Raj Medical Centre and Shramik Naari Sangh.

Several successful people of the society such as industrials, doctors and even young achievers have dedicated their lives to the activities of the Trust.

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