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Looking To Advance Your Career? Your EQ Is More Important Than Your IQ.

Expert Offers Insights on How to Advance your Career by Leveraging your Emotions.

Sorry Rhode Scholars and Honor Students, being smart isn't always a ticket to success. In fact, research for years has shown that emotions can trump brains.

Recently Carol Larsen, Minneapolis-based certified coach and emotional intelligence practitioner career development expert shared this link between emotional and intelligence. Carol explained to a group from the Human Resource Professionals of Minnesota, that EQ Emotional Intelligence has been an emerging practice area since the 1930's with origins going all the way back to the ancient Greeks who discovered that "All learning has an emotional base."

Why today's hiring manages are seeking in candidates with EQ

A recent Harris Survey of 2,600 hiring managers reveals that now more than ever, companies are seeking employees with emotional intelligence skills that often translate into the following abilities...

Leading by example

Remaining calm under pressure

Resolving conflicts

Showing an empathetic nature

EQ keeps evolving

Where IQ changes little after your teen years, one's EQ continues to develop. Larsen explains it further, "EQ continues to develop through life and is learned from experiences. So here's the good news, EQ may be changed and developed."

Modern assessment tools are providing easy access for professionals to determine their EQi and training and coaching can help you improve your EQ.

For more information on how to access or improve your EQ, contact Carol Larsen at
Carol has helped hundreds of professionals from CEOs to middle managers to college grads find, refine and optimize their skills to enjoy more productive and rewarding careers. You can learn more and schedule a consultation at

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