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Looking Good for Global Independence Day

Profiles two of the fashion designers for the Miss Globe Ambassador beauty contest at Global Independence Day.

Inner beauty can always be cultivated. But when you put it all on the line for a beauty pageant, you need to know where to go to look GOOD. The 2012 Miss Globe Ambassador contestants were lucky to find just the right designers: Konstantly Iklektik Kouture by Jazzi and Dhakmani Designs by Faith Rudder.

Both these spirited young designers were part of the Global Independence Day event with which the MGA contest was associated from the very beginning. Aided by Western Beauty Institution hair and makeup artists, Jazzi designed the MGA national costumes and the gowns for Sara Cromwell and Sable Jonsson, MGA winner and first runner-up.

Jazzi and Faith were the force behind the sea of pretty yellow dresses at the CBS Yellow Party on Saturday, August 25th. Faith was a Miss Globe Ambassador sponsor and contributed the gold swimsuits for the competition.

The fashion of Konstantly Iklektik's designer, Jazzi, is not easy to manage or describe. There was always something a little different about this designer. Jazzi's unique signature of making different designs out of the same material is what makes he stands out from the rest.

Her use of bold colors, odd shapes, and iklektik prints have caught the eyes of local fashion shows and community boutiques. Jazzi's Konstantly Iklektik designs are geared towards that person that wants to be different no matter the gender of the creation. She lives by the slogan "Live Life & Love Fashion." Find KI on Facebook at!/KonstantlyIklketik

At Dhakmani Clothing Faith specializes in designs exclusively for women ranging from lingerie to swimwear to cocktail gowns and more. Faith feels that a woman should maintain her inner and outer beauty to the best of her ability.

Dhakmani Clothing represents the beauty of women. Women should love who they are and how God has created them. You can find Dhakmani Clothing at or /dhakmaniclothing

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