Longevity Studios Builds a Healthier Workforce

Longevity Studios is increasing employee health, boosting productivity and improving companies' bottom lines through their corporate wellness programs.

As the Affordable Care Act (ACA) becomes more of a reality, the landscape of healthcare conversations are turning more and more to the preventative side of care. The legislation is supposedly designed to reward individuals for proactively seeking wellness options. By making wellness options affordable, easy to access and linking them to healthcare cost reductions, the plan is trying to have people take ownership of their health and reduce the burden on a "sickened" system.

But this is not a new concept for many. Businesses have known for years about the benefits of wellness and have sought out solutions to enhance their employees' lives and reduce their healthcare costs. Since its inception in 2007, Longevity Studios has worked with companies to develop, implement and measure the impact of worksite wellness. Most plans are based on five components: workplace safety, stress management, nutrition, exercise/movement and education.

Cliff Long, owner and CEO of Longevity Studios, said "When you take the five components and develop a plan that matches the corporate culture of the company, you can literally watch the company come alive with vitality!" Longevity Studios has worked to help many companies to develop such a plan. Victoria St. Arnold, SMECO's Human Resources Benefits and Wellness Manager, has this to say about Longevity Studios involvement in the SMECO wellness program, "SMECO developed a Wellness Program to enrich the corporate culture and focus on celebrating and improving the quality of life for all employees. This has allowed us to control the cost of our benefit programs and continue to offer the same great benefits at no cost increase to our employees during a time when many companies struggle with double digit increases. Longevity Studios offerings of personal training, fitness classes, biometric screenings and many other programs makes it easy and allows our employees the opportunity to decide their level of participation.".

With or without ACA, Longevity Studios intends to continue to do all that's in its power to help businesses combat the rampant spread of obesity, chronic disease and premature deaths that have become the norm of today's corporations and small businesses. The bottom line is that these wellness programs don't just help employees and companies, they help people live better!

About Longevity Studios
Longevity Studios™ is a health and wellness company headquartered in La Plata,
Maryland, providing training, services and education that help individuals, groups and
businesses realize their full potential.

Longevity Studios employs personal trainers, group instructors and healthy coaches who offer a range of health, fitness and wellness services, including assessments, personal training, small group personal training, small group training, corporate fitness, healthy lifestyle coaching, nutritional programs, yoga classes and health/wellness seminars and education.

For more information, email or call 301.934.8855.

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