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Acupuncture is an alternative medical treatment method, and one of the oldest forms of treatment in the entire world. Acupuncture can be used effectively to treat a variety of medical conditions and symptoms, from asthma to back pain.

Dr. Jeffrey Shapiro, of the Long Island-based Comprehensive Healthcare Group (CHG), explains that acupuncture has many benefits for patients. Dr. Shapiro explains that acupuncture involves the insertion of thin needles into underlying tissue at precise locations in the body to relieve pain and other painful symptoms.

Dr. Shapiro says that some of the issues acupuncture is used to treat a wide-range of ailments, including pain following surgery, severe back pains, headaches, Fibromyalgia, asthma and various gastrointestinal conditions. The procedure is occasionally combined with other, more traditional forms of treatment, including prescription drugs, to help ease a patient's pain, and allow them to return to their normal activities.

Dr. Shapiro explains that acupuncture treatment is customized to meet the patient's individual needs. He says that only sterile, single-use needles will be used during this procedure, guaranteeing the patient's safety and comfort. Needles will be inserted into a targeted area, for about 20 minutes. According to Dr. Shapiro, many patients will elect to undergo weekly or biweekly treatments to help manage their symptoms more efficiently.

Dr. Shapiro says that CHG offers several methods of acupuncture, including Auricular Acupuncture, which is performed on the ear, Trigger Point Acupuncture, which targets muscle tightness and spasms, and Five Elemented Acupuncture, which is used to treat the body, mind, and spirit, restoring overall balance and well-being to the patient. Additionally, Dr. Shapiro says that CHG also offers Traditional Chinese Acupuncture. Traditional Chinese Acupuncture is perhaps the best-known method of acupuncture and has been used for centuries to restore health and wellness to the body.

Following acupuncture procedures, Dr. Shapiro says patients can expect to see positive changes in their mental and physical health. Best of all, acupuncture provides patients with a drug-free way to relieve any significant pains they may be experiencing.

Dr. Shapiro practices at CHG, which has two locations in Oceanside and Cedarhurst, New York. Along with his dedicated staff, Dr. Shapiro focuses on providing care that will help a patient achieve better overall health, both mentally and physically.

Patients interested in exploring acupuncture, or any other procedures offered by CHG, are encouraged to contact the practice directly at 516.766.4325, or by visiting

About Dr. Shapiro

Dr. Jeffrey Shapiro works alongside a group of dedicated medical professionals at Comprehensive Healthcare Group (CHG). The staff at CHG works tirelessly to restore their patients' quality of life and overall health, offering services in physical therapy, pain management, neurology, and acupuncture.

Combining cutting-edge medicine with a uniquely natural approach to medicine, Dr. Shapiro believes in treating the whole patient, from their physical pain to their emotional health needs. Dr. Shapiro is an experienced and knowledgeable chiropractor, dedicated to making sure that his patients receive the best care possible.

CHG has two Long island locations, in Cedarhurst and Oceanside. Parties interested in learning more are encouraged to contact CHG at 516.766.4325, or by visiting


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