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Long and Son Mortuary: The Importance of Pre-Planning

Everyone at some point will have to deal with the death of a loved one. When faced with the realization of the passing of the ones you love, it's important to pre-plan so that it doesn't burden the family in their time grief. Learn more here...

Advanced Planning, which is often called Pre-Need Planning, is truly a great benefit. By pre-planning your own final arrangements, you can protect family members or friends from the difficult decisions at a time of their emotional loss. You can eliminate guesswork about what choices you desire at your service. When a loved one unexpectedly passes on, a family member or friend is left to make all the difficult decisions required for funeral arrangements.

It may be years before you use these prearrangements, but the benefits of advance planning can help. Pre-planning allows you to have input and make your choice of service, while keeping costs lower and protecting loved ones from making all your arrangements.

Benefits of pre-planning

Peace of mind
Remove the burden away from friends and family of having to plan your funeral
Get the service you want at a price that suits your budget
Potential to protect against future cost increases
Convenient payment plans

Should I discuss pre-planning with my family?

Yes. Many people find that a family discussion helps to ensure everyone involved is comfortable with the arrangements being made. You may even find that you can form a closer bond with your family through these discussions.
For answers about other questions that you may have, please contact our office at: (704) 394-1111.

Funerals are an important part of the healing process. They are a special time for friends and relatives to gather, pay tribute and share memories after someone they love has passed on.

Above all, funerals allow us to:

Come to terms with the reality of death
Share in the remembrance of a life lived; they are a time to remember
Show mutual support for family and friends
Say goodbye; begin to make the transition from life before death to life after death, sometimes called "the reflection," "eulogy," "tribute" or "remembrance"

Have a personal reflection from one or several people on the life of their loved one; can be held in a place of worship or in the chapel of the funeral home

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