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London Minicab & Taxi Tech Start-Up Explodes To Over 6.7 Million in Fares

A unique London based start-up has successfully established its position in the minicab and taxi service industry, through the rapid success of their advanced booking generation system which substantially increases jobs for its clients minicab fleets

'Fare Exchange' has launched an industry leading booking generation service which has been created to substantially increase phone bookings and fares for its client businesses. The service has proven to be successful beyond expectation since launching in 2012. The brainchild of entrepreneur Ash Ali, who previously helped secure £10.5 million in VC funding in his former role as the first marketing director with the 'Just Eat' venture, 'Fare Exchange' has developed from a concept to a fully operating business and to date has provided clients with over 1 million taxi bookings.

Co-Founder Ash Ali said "In only 20 months we logged one million booking enquiries for our minicab and private hire clients. Our clients rely on customers calling them, but don't always excel in marketing themselves, so this is where we provide a performance based solution by increasing the number of customers calling in to book a cab. We offer our clients an easy way to expand and increase revenue, by directing customer calls and bookings to them. There is no equipment to install and no special hardware or software needed."

To date the 'Fare Exchange' pay per call & booking service has generated over £6,700,000 worth of bookings, proving the viability and longevity of the platform which has been developed and launched using the latest bespoke cloud based technologies. Client feedback has demonstrated exactly how effective the concept has been, with many reporting phenomenal business growth requiring many to increase the number of employed drivers and expand their vehicle fleets.

The 'Fare Exchange' system is built on a cutting edge innovative cloud based platform which utilises an advanced telephony system and multiple real time API's. The live dashboard and sophisticated back-end tracking technology also enables 'Fare Exchange' to offer the fastest way for minicab operators to generate a high volume of local and airport bookings. Taxi and minicab seekers also benefit, receiving the best quote for their journey and re-assurance of when the taxi will arrive, by speaking to a human call taker rather than an impersonal automated service.

Ash Ali commented "Whilst everyone is re-considering old marketing channels or focusing on getting online clicks which could turn into bookings, we're more focused on getting our fleets exclusive direct calls which result in real fares. Recent Google data suggests 70% of people wish to call a local business, so we seamlessly bridge the gap between cab-seeking customers and our minicab operators"

Mr Ali continued "Our company ethos is to put our clients first by growing their business by getting them more work and this has resulted in us experiencing extremely fast, double digit 'month on month' % growth. We are now considering several investment options to hire more staff, further build the propriety platform whilst also expanding our minicab fleets."

The unique offering means that 'Fare Exchange' ensures exclusivity for minicab member's in particular geographic areas, which also benefit from only incurring a service cost for actual answered calls. Several new fleets are joining up every month and they are currently expanding throughout the United Kingdom.

To find out more about how the 'Fare Exchange' service can offer more customers for minicab fleets, please visit the official website at www.fareexchange.co.uk or alternatively contact the 'Fare Exchange' team at 0207 183 789

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