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Taking private language lessons seems to be a very sensible way to really learn a foreign language to a fluent level. But which language school should we chose and on which criteria should we base our choice?

What identifies the London Language Studio and sets them aside from the many other private language tuition providers is their outstanding customer service and the consistent quality of teaching delivered.

The LLS founder, Alena Sunavska says: "We take our work very seriously. We strongly believe in a caring, personal approach to each individual client, and are genuinely interested in our students' progress. All inquiries are dealt with in a very short space of time, and we deliver a dedicated and professional service at all times. Each client is important to us and we ensure every student feels truly looked after during their course."

London Language Studio is not a typical online language agency with a vast database of tutor CVs in which language learning is simply a business. It is a boutique firm with a caring, personal approach and a strong teaching ethos. Each tutor is a true professional with an original teaching style, tailored language resources and all share a great passion for language teaching, an invaluable characteristic which unifies the whole team.

Alena says: "We work closely with our tutors, monitor the language progress of all students on a regular basis, and assist with any inquires all the way. We are there to motivate and encourage our clients' language learning at each step. Whats more, and most importantly, we guide our students throughout the learning process with the final aim of helping them become independent language learners, so that they can fully utilise what they have learned with us and take their individual language development further, independently, and with confidence."

At London Language Studio, they always listen to the students first and work around their needs, interests and language requirements. Nothing is standardised; their approach to teaching is totally individualised. They plan each course separately, around the student's language aims, work and time commitments, trying to create an efficient learning plan for each student individually rather then fitting them into a set curriculum.

"Our success is entirely measured by the consistent outstanding feedback we receive from students which, I am proud to say, has its foundations in the dedicated client assistance we provide and the professionalism, integrity and great characters of our tutors." concludes Mrs Sunavska.

If you want to know more about the London Language Studio teaching approach and how you can learn a language to a fluent level, Do get in touch with Alena Sunavska via the London Language Studio website.

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