Local Protestant Pastor Speaks Out Against The Rapture Happening On Saturday May 21st.

Pastor Hiram S. Rester's sermon on Saturday titled "Why Jesus is NOT Coming Today!" will boldly expose the dangerous false teaching of Harold Camping prediction that Jesus is returning May 21st 2011.

Pastor Hiram S. Rester's sermon on Saturday titled "Why Jesus is NOT Coming Today!" will boldly expose the dangerous false teaching of Harold Camping. On the day Mr. Camping predicts the rapture, Pastor Rester will stand in his pulpit and before the world - live streaming over the internet at SpringfieldSDA.org - proclaim the fallacy of such date setting.

Rester states that Jesus is NOT coming back this Saturday. Scripture plainly states that no one knows the day or hour of Christ's coming (Matthew 24:36) and Mr. Camping states both the day and hour. Furthermore, Jesus returns at a time when people don't expect Him (Matthew 24:44; Luke 12:40) and clearly too many people are expecting Him on that day.

Rester traveled the nation and abroad teaching Bible Prophecy to audiences of hundreds, and even thousands, for over 10 years before settling to pastor here in Springfield. Last year he taught the Islam vs. Christianity: The Coming Conflict series at the University Plaza Hotel to a group totaling several hundred. Rester presently continues with his prophecy series - Revelation Made Simple - with a previously scheduled 6 pm sermon titled Revelation's Testimony of Jesus. According to Camping, 6 pm is precisely the time the earthquake is supposed to happen and the rapture take place. Pastor Rester expects to be around to finish his sermon, and not because he isn't ready to meet Jesus.

Rester's sermon will also cover why such date setting is dangerous. In short, it creates fanaticism and disappointment and repeats the story of the boy who cried wolf. History is full of such date setting. In recent years there was the Y2K scare. Now Camping's prediction of the rapture this Saturday. Next year the end of the Mayan calendar - Dec. 21st 2012 - which many think is an indication of the end of the world. The fact is Jesus is coming back soon, but all these false claims and predictions only result in more apathy and less preparedness in the end.

Rester is available for interviews, and the sermon will be live over the Internet. Service starts at 10:45 am Saturday morning and the sermon actually begins at 11:30. It can be seen at SpringfieldSDA.org - click "Watch Online."

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