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Local Marketing Company Helps Local Business Owners Increase Online Profits

4th Generation Communications has vowed to help Virginia business owners increase their online local presence and increase their profits free of charge.

4th Generation Communications an on and offline marketing company announced today that it will be offering Virginia business owners with a free in-depth analysis of their companies website. This is a service that the company normally offers for $97, and charges $500 an hour for their consultation services. This will help Virginia business owners make strategic improvements to their website which will ultimately increase their profits.

"With over a decade of experience under my belt, I realized a pattern that business owners around the world have continuously made over-and-over again. I can help Virginia business owners avoid the same mistakes that thousands of others have made." said Tim Beachum the founder of 4th Generation Communication.

Virginia business owners are suffering from fiscal cliff inaction, not to mention other government strangle holds that are holding them back. WSUA9 a news station in McLean recently interviewed a local business owner who admitted that he was afraid to grow his business because of the current state of the economy.

"When things get bad business owners tend to hit the panic button. They start laying off, and cutting their marketing budget. This is the opposite of what they should be doing. All successful businesses consist of 90% marketing and 10% innovation which was taught by Peter Drucker, the man credited with creating the American business management structure."

Any Virginia business owners that are interested in taking advantage of this exceptional opportunity need only contact 4th Generation Communications directly. Even if you do not currently have a website and you are thinking of getting one give us a call.

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