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Local Manchester Stairlift Company Warn Customers About Due Diligence When Buying Stairlifts Online Via The Internet

Manchester Stairlift company warn customers about Due Diligence when Buying Stairlifts Online via the Internet. Ensure you buy from local respected companies

Stairlift Trader Ltd recommend that people carry out proper research not only on each product but also the companies offering such devices. The Internet allows companies to come across as though they are local when in fact they could reside the other side of the country

Ensure companies not only has a physical address but they will be more than happy for you to attend their premises! Local respected companies will have a small showroom with at least one straight and curved chairlift on display

Why it's important to visit a local showroom! Research has shown visitors who attended stairlift showrooms are surprised how much they didn't know about each product! Simply reading some literature failed to pinpoint possible flaws downfalls for the intended user and in many cases the product they would have purchased might not have been the ideal choice for user suitability. Stairlift Trader Ltd cannot emphasise how important it is to attend a local showroom prior to purchasing expensive mobility product items such as curved Stairlifts (Chairlifts)

Customers cannot be expected to pay thousands of pounds for a product through hearsay or requesting a few brochures from stairlift manufacturers and companies claiming they offer the best products and service available

Stairlift Trader Ltd is one of only a handful of stairlift companies offering Stairlifts in Manchester with a dedicated showroom that displays straight and curved stairlift demonstrations. Actual full size stairlift demonstration unit's customers can sit on and test ride

The concept of Stairlift Showrooms are the way forward allowing customers to try the products before they buy, examine inspect each model for size comfort and ride, along with trained staff and engineers on hand to offer expert guidance and advice on each manufacturer product etc.

Stairlift Trader are authorised trade partners for the leading UK stairlift manufacturers Acorn, Bespoke, Bison, Brooks, Handicare-Minivator, Platinum, ThyssenKrupp just to name a few. They can supply new or fully reconditioned straight and curved Stairlifts at very competitive prices and offer extended warranties on all Stair lifts installed

Stairlift Trader Ltd is a member of BHTA OFT (British Healthcare Trades Association) Ensuring all customers will be treated with the utmost respect and professionalism you and your family deserve at all times

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