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Local Insurance Brokers Praised for Having a Lot of Information About Fleet Insurance on Their Website

Arkwright Insurance, a leading insurance broker for the North West, has been praised by their customers for having all the information that they need available on their website

Arkwright Insurance, one of the most well known and trusted insurance brokers in UK, has been praised by their customers for the level of information that they have available on their website. Their customers indicate that they have all the information that they need about fleet insurance available on the site, and they don't have to go searching for it anywhere else.

Business owners who are looking information about fleet insurance can go to the Arkwright websites, click on 'Fleet and Motor Trade' and then they are take straight to the page that they need.

The page is filled with information about who needs the insurance and who benefits from the insurance. There is then some information about Arkwright Insurance and why they are the best insurers in the industry.

If potential clients like what they are reading, they are then free to scroll down the page and fill in the details to get a quote. The company needs a lot of information to get a reliable quote, so it might take some time to fill in the form. However, that is the one and only time the client will have to fill out the form. All the information will be saved.

Their fleet insurance covers a minimum of 3 vehicles but if their clients need less cars insured, they are encourages to look towards personal insurance for all the cars, and possibly even business insurance.

A company spokesperson added, "We are delighted that our customers like our fleet insurance page. When we were designing it, the idea was that we wanted them to find all the information that they need on our site. We don't want them to have to do the research themselves. We just want to help people to know what they are getting from their policies and it seems to be working. We would be happy to add more information if our clients contacted us with questions as well."

Arkwright Insurance are currently celebrating because they won the prestigious 2013 Brokers Award. They feel that this has given the drive to want to expand the business and have more insurance companies listed for quotes, on their site.

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