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Livestock Water Recycling Nominated for Prestigious Ernest C. Manning Innovation Award

Calgary based Livestock Water Recycling, has been nominated for the Ernest C. Manning Award recognizing Canadian innovation. The award recipient will be announced in Ottawa in the Fall.

Livestock Water Recycling, Inc. (LWR), an agricultural company that recycles clean water and concentrates valuable fertilizer nutrients from livestock manure, has been nominated for the esteemed Ernest C. Manning Innovation Award for demonstrating recent innovative talent in developing and successfully marketing a new technology, creating jobs, and contributing to Canada's reputation as a forerunner in ingenuity.

LWR's CEO Ross Thurston, credits LWR's extensive water treatment experience and its patented manure treatment technology with the company's ability to achieve early success in the Agriculture Industry. Thurston said, "Our technology has generated so much interest and enthusiasm because it is an environmental solution that also creates a return for our customers. Our approach concentrates valuable nutrients from manure that can be reused or sold. Recycling nutrients and clean water back to the crops that feed the animals that produce the manure completes the environmental circle. Farmers are the original environmentalists so it's easy for them to see that this technology is a cost-effective solution that will save them time and money."

Award recipients will be announced prior to the 33rd Annual Ernest C. Manning Innovation Awards Gala in Ottawa in the fall.

About Ernest C. Manning Award Foundation - Founded by David E. Mitchell in 1982, the Ernest C. Manning Award Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees made up of well-respected business and community leaders. The Foundation is focused on celebrating and promoting Canadians with unique and original innovations that embody a high level of intellectual achievement or ingenious thinking. They celebrate innovators who develop real solutions across every spectrum of our society: from medical technology to environmental science; from social issues to agriculture and beyond. The Ernest C. Manning Award Foundation focuses on the extent to which an idea or concept has been seen through to completion with a successful commercial application, including economic and/or social benefits to Canada.

About Livestock Water Recycling, Inc. - LWR provides dairy, hog, and anaerobic digester operations with its innovative manure treatment technology. The technology recycles clean water and fertilizer nutrients from livestock manure for reuse at the farm. The potable water can be used for cleaning, watering of livestock or irrigation. The nutrients can be spread onto crop land for fertilizer or sold to generate a new revenue stream. LWR's goal is to save farmers time and money by providing them with a cost-effective solution to manage manure in a sustainable manner. LWR has systems operating throughout Canada and the US. LWR has been awarded a Canadian patent and is patent-pending in seven other countries. For further information, visit:

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