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Literacy Legacy Fund of Michigan Encourages Educators to Expand Their Horizons at MRA 2014

Michigan Reading Association 2014 displays a wide variety of educational volumes and offers numerous opportunities to authors and educators to publish and promote their work in the market.

Michigan Reading Association, one of the largest and most popular book events, is expected to witness the presence of a large number of educators during its upcoming conference. Michigan book fair 2014 will be organized in Grand Rapids in Michigan from 15 to 17 March, 2014 and will be welcoming numerous educators worldwide to access a wide variety of new, useful, and educational volumes that will be on display. At the same time, this grand book event offers numerous opportunities for authors and educators to publish and promote their work effectively in the market and to increase the literacy among the masses. This year The Literacy Legacy Fund (LLF) of Michigan introduces two new grants that will be elaborated on in this book fair, to encourage educators to work with zeal in order to promote and publish their work and make a contribution towards increasing the literacy percent.

The LLF of Michigan takes initiative to support numerous Michigan educators in their ongoing effort to increase the literacy, by using their leadership in the educational sector and professional knowledge, and encouraging them to attend Michigan Reading Association conference at MRA 2014 to learn about these two new grants introduced recently. One of these two grant opportunities is named Professional Learning Team Grant, available to the members who attend their choice of professional conferences at the book fair, and other is known as New Kindergarten Teacher Professional Development Grant, whose members will be attending the Michigan Association of Young Children (MiAEYC) Annual Conference in April 2014.

The initial two grants of LLF, the Beginning Teacher Professional Development Grant and the Professional Development Grant for an Educator in a New Professional Role, continue to be available to help educators in 2014. Audience visiting MRA this year can learn more about these grants and expand their horizons in the educational sector. These grants are framed, specially, for the educators in new positions managing responsibilities concerned with literacy. These two categories for grants will be used to encourage and help those who attend the Michigan Reading Association Annual Conference in March, 2014 to enhance their knowledge related to the educational field.

By aiding LLF Michigan through their donations, the audience and publishers can support numerous educators in their ongoing professional progress concerned with the literacy advocacy and development and assist LLF's mission of "Advancing Literacy through Leadership". In turn, the board is entitled to use cent percent of the donations to boost the professional leadership and knowledge of Michigan's educators, distribute grants every year to all applicants that meet the selection criteria, invest funds in safe deposits, and collaborate with other professional organizations to increase awareness of grant opportunities committed to enhance professional development and literacy leadership.

If you run an educational institute or aspire to commence your career in the educational sector, your visit to Michigan Reading Association 2014 can prove worthy to help you expand your horizons in the educational sector. So don't miss this golden opportunity to visit this global book fair in the coming March in Grand Rapids.

About Michigan Reading Association: The Michigan Reading Association (MRA) is a non-profit organization, comprising of more than three thousand members, committed to promoting literacy in the educational sector. Michigan Book Fair (MRA) is popular as one of the biggest recognized book events in the Midwest, that is committed to promote literacy, by displaying a wide variety of educational books to the international audience every year. It offers excellent opportunities to book authors, publishers, literary agents, distributors, and many more elements of the publishing industry to showcase their work in this grand book show and contribute towards the promotion of literacy. Michigan Reading Association conference witnesses an attendance of more than 2700 professionals every year and it is expected to witness more in March 2014 at Grand Rapids in MI, USA.

About CBE: The Combined Book Exhibit is one of the reputed and reliable book promoting companies in the publishing industry. For more than 75 years, it has been actively showcasing books at the national as well as international book shows. Book authors, publishers, book publishing companies, literary agents, librarians, and other crucial elements of the publishing world have full faith in Combined Book Exhibit to fulfill their promotional and marketing requirements and offer exposure to their valuable work in the publishing world.

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