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ListersIn is a new eBay listing software. Simple, easy and Gmail like user interface design. Free demo account is available.

There are many eBay listing tools for professional sellers. These tools have a lot of features and these are a bit complicated.(Many menus, sub-menus, buttons and navigation bars) eBay sellers might be tired of clicking menus and buttons many times on daily work.

ListersIn is a new simple and easy tool for eBay sellers. The user interface design of ListersIn is simple. It doesn't have many pages but only one page. It shows seller's eBay items on list style like Google Gmail. Google Gmail has great user interface design to handle hundreds of emails every day. So if eBay sellers can handle their eBay items like email, it might be useful on their daily work.

After signing in, the seller's items list is shown in the browser window immediately. You don't have to click menu buttons like "Manage" -> "Listings" -> "Active items" at every sign in.

eBay seller's daily routing task is done from the main item list page. For example: prepare a new item from scratch or copy from existing item, list new item to eBay, revise existing item, end active listings, reply to questions from bidders and etc.

ListersIn has following features:

- Manage multiple eBay accounts.
- Import active items from eBay to ListersIn automatically.
- Reply to messages from multiple eBay accounts.
- Auto relist when item is unsold.
- Add "Best Offer" option when unsold item is auto relisted.
- Upload 12 pictures for one item to eBay server (EPS: eBay Picture Service) at once.
- Simple and easy user interface. You can modify your item information on the fly.
- Find duplicate items by title.
- You can try a free demo account before sign up.
- You can use this tool from Safari browser on mac.

ListersIn - eBay Listing Software

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