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Lissa Lauria Releases a New Music Video - Famous

Recording Artist Lissa Lauria released the much anticipated video for her new popular single - Famous

Los Angeles, CA - Lissa Lauria, New York born, LA based recording artist has
released her new music video created from her single "Famous." In only one week of the launch, the video has exploded on YouTube with tens of thousands of views in only a few short days. Lissa was intent on providing a new sound while showcasing her abilities not just in singing but also in her unique style of dancing and tapping. When asked why this project was so important to her, Lissa states, "This video is important because I want people to see who I am as an artist. Everything I do is different: my big curly hair and my tapping is different. I am different and I celebrate being unique and I want everyone to know that it's okay to be that way."

Known as Miss Liss in some LA circles where she now resides, Lissa is enthusiastic about the initial response to her video. In only one week, her fan base is touching countries across the globe as news of her video spreads. Grammy winning Songwriter and Producer brother's team, The Jackie Boyz have a strong opinion as they state, "Lissa is a rising star. Her personality and talent is a true gift."

In the video, Lissa displays a "Madonna-esque" persona as well as some of her dancing ability when the video abruptly STOPS and she taps like many of the past tap greats. The music video was shot in Los Angeles and begins with Lissa on the front of a magazine read by a young lady (cameo by Malese Jow) and takes you into Lissa's world of breakdancers and flashing lights. Many shots were taken with a unique camera lens and the impressive post-production tends to make the video addicting.


Lissa is no stranger to performing. Growing up on stage in the musical melting pot of New York City, she believes she was destined to create her world full of music, dancing and acting. Also a songwriter, FAMOUS was written by Lissa, the Jackie Boyz and Matthew Kurz

With a strong throwback POP influence of Madonna, Paula Abdul and others, Lissa is touted as being "the difference" in the music industry. With her songwriting, vocal and rapping ability, she is destined to carve out a niche for herself very quickly. Her EP will be finished by mid 2011 and will be a summer release. At the same time, Lissa will shoot another video, "Last Time I Checked" - a solo composition that she is hoping will squarely place her in the industry as a hit songwriter.

Lissa Lauria is a Pop recording artist now residing in Los Angeles.




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