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Lion Muay Thai Gives the Chance to Train Beside Champions

Popularity of fitness camps is growing in the recent times. Lion Muay Thai is one of the fast developing fitness camps in Phuket.

Popularity of fitness camps is growing in the recent times. Lion Muay Thai is one of the fast developing fitness camps in Phuket. This camp provides fitness enthusiasts with all the amenities and opportunities they might require to stay fit and healthy. What entices people to Muay Thai training camp is its location. It is located in between lush green ambience. Their clients get a chance to undertake a fitness regime in the paradise of Phuket.

Staying in this fitness camp is not like staying in exile, away from the usual crowd. Lion Muay Thai training camp has all the facilities their customers need to lead their regular life. Beginners as well as seasoned fighters, everyone will get similar benefits from this gym. From fitness training to learning of martial arts, all training programs are designed to serve the needs of every student.

Students and Trainers of Lion Muay Thai

Students get the privilege to receive training standing next to the world champions in the field. Joining this training camp gives the opportunity to meet some of the best fighters in the world. These personalities appear in the international fight shows. Highly qualified and skilled trainers will train the new fighters in this camp, in Thailand. The trainers of this camp have years of experience of training quite a few World Champions. They make every effort to build up a prestigious career of their students.

Training Programs in Muay Thai Training Camp in Thailand

This gym is not only concentrated to providing Muay Thai training. Its training program is vast. Their training program includes -

1. Fitness Bootcamp Training
2. Western Boxing Training
3. Meal Plan Training
4. Yoga Training
5. Muay Thai Training
6. Body Building
7. Weight Loss Training

The fitness instructors make the students run through the wonderful hilltops or make them a number of exercises on the beautiful beaches. The weight loss training sessions will not be deprived of the tasty delicacies of Phuket. The gym offers mouth-watering weight loss meals from in around Rawai restaurants to treat the taste-buds and at the same time direct towards losing weight.

Crossfit Bootcamps of Lion Muay Thai

The fitness bootcamp of Lion Muay is one of the renowned training camps. It is organized for 6 days from Monday to Saturday in the noon time. The personal instructor in this camp, Amir Gani, is high qualified. He has the capability to lead the students to their extreme without destroying the fun element of the whole exercising experience. Therefore, students in the bootcamp will excel in fitness training but will not experience any harsh condition of a training session. Camp training can take place in the forests or the mountains. Practice different kinds of activities in Crossfit Bootcamp!

Visit the official website of Lion Muay Thai training camp to get a better idea of them.

Where to Contact ?


81/49 Saiyuan Rd
Soi Samakee 2, Moo 7
T. Rawai, A. Muang
Phuket, Thailand 83130


Tom (English): 085 186 1330
Sanna (Thai): 081 892 1874
Evgeny (Pycckий): 092 2068 7009


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Lion Muay Thai Training Camps Phuket
Lion Muay Thai Training Camps Phuket
81/49 Saiyuan Rd.