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Link Emperor Offers a Simple Hands-Free Solution to SEO Link Building and Rankings

Link Emperor provides the ultimate in hands-free backlinking, link building and rank checking tool for successful Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization is implemented to help website not only rank better in the search engines but also increase the number of visitors. It is a highly recognized, widely used strategy to attract traffic and boost bottom line sales. However, with all the strategies available, it can be a overwhelming. While there are many backlink build providers and companies that offer services to help websites increase their link count, the truth is that implementation of these SEO strategies can be downright tedious.

Offering a simple approach, Link Emperor is a program that helps website owners manage their SEO campaigns from start to finish. Dubbed as the ultimate keyword research tool, it is a highly sophisticated system created by Kevin and Bobby, the same guys who are behind Gangster Profit, the business show that has helped hundreds of Internet Marketers get better.

"We guarantee that you've never seen a service that made your website's SEO this simple, powerful, and hands-free," declares Kevin and Bobby. "Over $1.7 million in merchandise has been sold using the Link Emperor system for our in-house SEO. We're not talking about sales in the Internet marketing niche, either. We're talking about real-world, competitive-as-hell niches like consumer products, vacation packages, dating and more."

Detailed at, Link Emperor is packed with the features that any link building strategy will ever need. In addition, Link Emperor can manage, rotate and prioritize thousands upon thousands of keywords while ordering links of all types including blog posts, article submissions, Google +1s, .Edu / .Gov Links, Wiki links, High-PR blog comments and news releases.

In addition, Link Emperor adjusts link building dynamically over time using ingenious algorithm and continues to build links and intelligently adjust indefinitely. The keyword rank checker critique tool helps identify the rankings for all the keywords in Google, so that clients gain a better understanding of their current position. It also reports the links in downloadable text files to help make managing SERP positions easier. With Link Emperor, users can find their competitors' secret keywords and rankings for them to target.

Link Emperor Offering way more than other SEO services, Link Emperor offers Article Directory Submission, Blog Commenting, Forum Profile Creation, Multi-tier Blasts, News Release Submission, Private Network Blog Posts, Social Bookmarking, Social Signals, Video Creation and Submission, Web 2.0 Blog Posts, Web 2.0 Property Creation and Wiki Submission.

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