Now Provides a Comprehensive Limousine Deal for Weddings now provides customers with a wonderful experience to make their way to the wedding venue in an extravagant manner. It includes all the amenities one can desire leaving the customer's experience all more enjoyable within a mo

Chicago Limousine Service includes top of the line amenities leaving party goers with a fulfilling and classy experience as they make their way across town.

Amenities include a built-in bar equipped with sparkling water, vodka and an array of other popular brands of wine.

Chicago wedding limousine Services even take specific orders from a potential client in terms of what drinks to serve, so clients can ask for the specific brand of alcohol they desire for their party ahead of time or if they wish not to serve any alcohol at all, other alternatives can be arranged for their group of party goers.

Along with drinks and a bar, there are also built in champagne buckets and ice available for the perfect limo party for wedding-goers.

Chicago Limousine Service also provides their clients with a Plasma TV, perfect for long treks from the church to wedding venues or for bachelor and bachelorette parties making extended trips through the city.

Fiber Optic Lighting is another of Chicago Limousine Service's many available features.

The Fiber Optic Lightning keeps the party going inside the vehicle as it enhances the mood and sets a more vibrant atmosphere for all its party goers.

The special lighting can be managed and arranged either inside or outside the limousine depending on the client's taste and specifications. For additional prices, other lightings are also offered, including a party strobe, laser or even neon lighting to add to the ambience and party atmosphere.

All the Limousines at Chicago Limousine Service include a DVD/CD player, privacy partition and intercom system that allows greater separation between the wedding party and the driver as well comfortable and wide leather interior seating and lavish carpeting to give the wedding party a relaxing and luxurious experience.

If the client orders the largest limousine offered by Chicago Limousine Services, additional limousine amenities (given that they can fit inside the limo) can also be custom ordered by clients ahead of time of the event.

Potential clients interested in Chicago Limousine Service's Wedding Special are encouraged to contact Chicago Limousine Service directly for pricings and other details.

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