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Lifestyle Blog, Glass Duffle, Debuts the Official Amtrak Live Video and Relaunches with New Writers

Glass Duffle has debuted the official video for Amtrak LIVE, redesigned their website and added two contributors.

It's been a busy week and a half for the bloggers at Glass Duffle. In it's second year covering music, travel and lifestyle, Glass Duffle has added two writers, redesigned their website and debuted the official video for Amtrak LIVE.

Amtrak Live took 30 West coast bloggers from LA to Austin, Texas for SXSW in the Texas Eagle Amtrak train, where many laughs, tweets and photos were shared. Glass Duffle's editor-in-chief was happy to participate as the event's official videographer. The Amtrak Live teaser is now live on Amtrak's blog as well as GlassDuffle(dot)com.

Along with redesigning the site, Glass Duffle debuted two new writers for 2014. Nick Battaglia and Wes Kasik are proud to be contributors to the music and lifestyle themes, respectively.

Nick will be focusing mostly on music. He won't necessarily be breaking new artists or playing radio hits before they're "hits". His posts will be more situational, creating a scenario and aiming to match that energy with a corresponding playlist. And all the while, encouraging the relationship between music and positive living.

Wes' role is more ambiguous but certainly no less ambitious. His role here at Glass Duffle will be a very growing experience not just for him as a writer, but as a person. His posts will relate the common internal struggles we all face and will seek to uncover the most positive manifestations of these emotions.

Glass Duffle's purpose parallels the psychological + cultural shift occurring on our planet. It aims to highlight how striving towards a positive lifestyle through travel and music benefits not only your own experience in life but also contributes to the energies that connect everyone. Let's move towards more Positivity + Transparency.

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