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Life On An Island: Amazingly Stress-Free!

There is little time when we are not connected to the world digitally, fostering stress. A recent study showed that residents of Key West have less stress than other residents of the United States.

In this fast paced world of the Internet and instant information, nearly everyone dreams of leaving it all behind and slipping away to some tropical island nation. The day to day stress, the job, the commute, the responsibilities, these are the things that drive people to daydream in their office about taking a Key West vacation. To travel somewhere where there aren't any cares, where you don't need a car, where the tropical breezes blow all day - that must certainly be the life. But, is Key West, Florida really as idyllic as it sounds?

In a word, yes. A recent survey was done that asked people in fifty different areas of the country to rate the level of stress produced by certain things in life, including the positives and negatives of the area where they live and the level of "happiness" felt, among other considerations. The survey revealed something that didn't really surprise anyone: People who live in tropical areas such as Key West tend to be the happiest. When asked what some of the reasons were for such happiness, there were obvious answers like the weather and the ocean, but there were others that people unfamiliar with island living and the island of Key West saw as unexpected.

One of the top reasons residents rated their island as one of the best places to live in the country was the number of exceptional Key West restaurants. Many of the island residents who were surveyed said the great number of culinary choices meant they could go out to dinner several nights a week and not visit the same restaurant for a month. Another few of the survey answers that spoke to their happiness were the lack of traffic, the "laid back" way of life and, in an interesting twist, many cited that they enjoyed the lack of a shopping mall on the island. There just isn't one.

Don't just let answers to a survey tell you how life on an island paradise can lessen stress in your life. Discover it for yourself. Book a Key West vacation to find out just how quickly the Caribbean sun can melt your stress away.

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