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Licensing Versus Franchising: A Book for Business Expansion

Business expansion is often an option for successful business owners. Two of the options available for business expansion are licensing and franchising. In Charles Internicola's book "Licensing versus Franchising" the pros and cons are discussed.

Entrepreneurs are often faced with the inevitable thought of expanding their business due to product demand. Being misinformed or uninformed about the choices available for expanding a business can potentially lead to problems for the entrepreneur which is why Charles Internicola wrote "Licensing versus Franchising". In his guide, Mr. Internicola describes some of the common questions entrepreneurs may have when faced with expansion, understanding what franchising is all about and whether or not licensing is a viable option, "what is the difference between licensing and franchising", "is licensing the best option for my business", "is franchising the best option for my company" and "what are the pros and cons of licensing and franchising". The guide also contains important information for business owners who have already "licensed their business" and may be looking for a pathway to convert their "licensing system" into a "franchise system".

Who Should Order This Guide:
1. Entrepreneurs and business owners who want to learn more about business expansion options;

2. Existing Licensors who have questions about franchising and who may be faced with regulatory concerns, issues and violations requiring the conversion of their existing license system into a franchise system;

3. Successful business owners who want to learn more about "how to franchise your business"

A complimentary copy of Charles Internicola's "Licensing versus Franchising" guide can be obtained by calling 1.800.976.4904 or by vising

About Charles N. Internicola:
Charles N. Internicola is a franchise lawyer who assists entrepreneurs in expanding their business, franchising and converting license systems into franchise systems. Mr. Internicola is the author of The Franchise Formula and many other publications about franchising your business.

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