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Liberty Stone Financial Welcomes Devon Ho Back as Senior Securities Analyst

HONG KONG -- Liberty Stone Financial, a portfolio management company with roots in Hong Kong dating back to 1972, today announced the return of Devon Ho to the firm as a Senior Securities Analyst.

Devon had previously worked for Liberty Financial as a Securities Analyst between 2002 and 2008, before deciding to take up a position with Barclays Bank in London.

Devon's expertise and experience is in the bond market and he will take charge of Liberty Stone Financial's Bond Research Unit, helping to identify opportunities in the bond market and developing bond investment strategies. He will report to Chief Securities Analyst, Karen Wilson.

Liberty Stone Financial's Executive Vice President & Senior Securities Analyst Karen Wilson said "Devon is an exceptional talent with an uncanny knack for bond investing. His work ethic and communication skills are an example to us all."

"We were sorry to lose him five years ago, when he played a critical role in helping to build our business and are delighted to have coaxed him back" added Mrs. Wilson, Executive Vice President & Senior Securities Analyst of Liberty Stone Financial.

Liberty Stone Financial reappointed Senior Securities Analyst Mr. Devon Ho stated "I am very excited to be returning to Liberty Stone Financial and also to be returning home to Hong Kong," Ho said. "I am thrilled to return to one of the most vibrant and dynamic cities in the world and to help Liberty Stone Financial to provide for the multifaceted needs of our clients."

Devon is a graduate of The University of Hong Kong and also previously worked for DBS Bank. He previously held the position of Securities Analyst at Liberty Financial before the firm merged with Stone Partners of Hong Kong in 2010 to become Liberty Stone Financial.

Liberty Stone Financial is a portfolio management company with roots in Hong Kong dating back to 1972. The company was originally founded as Liberty Financial in February 1972 in Hong Kong to manage primarily stock and bond investments of individuals, corporations, trusts and pension plans.

Liberty Stone Financial's management style revolves around providing a diversified, balanced portfolio, incorporating the individual client's risk budget, to provide the best returns for that client. In July 2010, Liberty Financial merged with Stone Partners, an Investment House specializing in advising private clients from its offices in Hong Kong and Taipei to become Liberty Stone Financial.

At Liberty Stone Financial we firmly believe that when creating client portfolios, risk analysis and budgeting must be a critical element. Each client's appetite for risk is based on their unique situation, their financial goals, their overall time horizon and their ability to assume risk.

This personalized risk budget, our dedicated advisors and research team, are all brought together to provide our clients with an investment process that is just as much art as it is science. Our investment process combines our years of experience and sound business practices, coupled with the identification of patterns and market trends and balanced against our clients' objectives and risk tolerances.

Liberty Stone Financial customizes and distinctly manages each of our client's portfolios. Equity investments are not co-mingled. All new clients of Liberty Stone Financial go through an in-depth discovery process that helps to define the clients financial objectives, their overall time horizon, investment philosophy and their ability to assume risk. This data is then used to identify and select the securities that best suit the clients' characteristics, with changes to that portfolio being made as a result of the clients changing requirements, the balancing of their risk budget and on Liberty Stone Financial's ability to find undervalued assets.

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