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Liberty Reserve Re-opens Legitimately

Liberty Reserve money transfer service re-opens as a Canadian owned firm known as Liberty Reserve Canada LLC.

Liberty Reserve money transfer service has re-opened as a Canadian owned firm known as Liberty Reserve Canada LLC. The company is in no way associated with the illegitimate Costa Rican based firm but holds intellectual property rights. The Canadian firm still holds discreet service at it's forefront of value but at the same time complies with Canadian money transfer service laws and regulations. The Canadian firm was asked why they chose to use the name and logo of the shutdown company, their quote "publicity whether its positive or negative is still good publicity and we want to take advantage of the hype surrounding the Liberty Reserve shutdown and discussions taking place."

The company has kept the same numbered accounts but has gotten rid of the exchangers which were companies that would exchange LR currency for USD or EUR, instead the new company will be handling all deposits and withdrawals into their system directly in order to comply with federal laws and regulations. The platform is still, if not easier to use than the original platform used by the closed company Liberty Reserve S.A. Knowing that the new company is legitimately following money transfer regulations and FINTRAC standards will allow others to relax when making transactions knowing that their money will be safe and secure.

Lastly the new Liberty Reserve is offering an annual 7% interest for a limited time to get new accounts opened and running, take advantage today. Visit for more information or to sign up for a free account today.

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