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Surgical Tourism Canada is pleased to announce that 86 CCSVI Procedures have been completed, out of its growing list of over 350 at its partner hospitals in India, The Apollo Hospitals and the Fortis healthcare Group. These two internationally recogn

Surgical Tourism Canada is pleased to announce that 86 CCSVI Procedures have been completed, out of its growing list of over 350 at its partner hospitals in India, The Apollo Hospitals and the Fortis healthcare Group. These two internationally recognized Indian healthcare giants are JCI accredited and have served millions of patients worldwide with successful outcomes. Surgical Tourism Canada is the only official Canadian representatives of these two hospitals

"The majority of the patients have undergone successful Liberation procedure at these world class facilities and are making considerable progress" said Yasmeen Sayeed, president and CEO of Surgical Tourism Canada, based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

"After the Liberation Procedure our patients undergo a customized comprehensive neurological rehabilitation at our partner facility, Soukya Holistic Health Centre, at Bangalore. This unique and specialized rehabilitation has benefitted our patients immensely and after spending a week at Soukya holistic health centre, our patients return home after undergoing a final consultation with their respective surgeons", added Sayeed.
"I find the Neurological rehabilitation to be extremely beneficial and I have extended my stay for another 6 weeks. I see considerable improvements daily" said a STC client who requested anonymity.

STC was instrumental in setting up special surgical units to perform the Liberation Procedure for the first time in India at the Fortis hospitals, Bangalore, headed by Dr. Rehan Sayeed, The Apollo Hospitals, Chennai, headed by Dr. V. Balaji and the Fortis hospitals, New Delhi headed by Dr. Vikas Gupta
The Surgical teams both in Bangalore and Chennai follow the protocol set by the pioneer of CCSVI, Dr. Zamboni and document the entire procedure for ongoing research. The surgical teams at the Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore were the first to perform a Saphinous Venous grafting on one of our patient, where stenting was not an option. This procedure is considered a first in the world.

Surgical Tourism Canada is Canada's largest and most trusted medical and surgical tourism service provider since 2005 and has sent hundreds of Canadians overseas for various surgical procedures unavailable in Canada.
"We do not cut corners, we do not advertise cheap packages, and we offer a complete, comprehensive service at JCI ACCREDITED partner facilities from start to finish. We are healthcare professionals! On returning to Canada after treatment we arrange regular follow ups with local physicians. We are the ONLY OFFICIAL CANADIAN REPRESENTATIVES OF THE APOLLO HOSPITALS GROUP AND THE FORTIS HEALTHCARE GROUP" added Glenn Sergius, Public Relations Director for Surgical Tourism Canada Inc.

Another First by Surgical Tourism Canada is that it has set up its own professional local meet and greet teams with newly purchased vehicles for the use and transportation of its clients while in India. To maintain highest standards STC does not believe in entrusting this very important part in the hands of third parties. For the benefit of its clients, STC procured a customized, Air-conditioned brand new Mercedes Benz sprinter for Airport pick up and transportation needs. Similar arrangements have been made in Chennai and Bangalore. Surgical Tourism Canada partners with the Flight Centre for all its travel arrangements and its official airline is Lufthansa. Also all accommodation arrangements are made only at 5 star hotels with wheel chair access.

Surgical Tourism Canada is the first in Canada to send MS patients to India for the Liberation Procedure.

"We take care of the complete procedure from arranging the initial testing, consultation with the surgeons at our partner hospitals, preferred travel arrangements through our travel partners, Flight Centre and our official Airline, Lufthansa, receiving patients at the airports by our own staff, 5 star accommodation arrangements at our partner hotels, admissions to hospitals, post operative stay, rehabilitation, pre travel check up, and travel arrangements to return home. It does not end there, there is constant follow up, regular tests, and re-integration into the Canadian health care system. Our partner facilities are internationally accredited facilities and we do not use non accredited hospitals" said Yasmeen Sayeed, President & CEO of Surgical Tourism Canada.

Currently the registered patients with STC are in excess of 350 and STC is sending an average of 25 monthly to its partner facilities.

We would like to state that unscrupulous elements have been making unfounded claims on the internet as "their teams" have completed huge number of Liberation Procedures in India. It is not "their Teams" as falsely claimed but it is our very own surgeons and partner hospitals who have performed these surgeries on Surgical Tourism Canada's own clients. Surgical Tourism Canada is the ONLY OFFICIAL REPRESENTATIVES OF THE APOLLO HOSPITALS AND FORTIS HOSPITALS IN CANADA. STC clients are treated only in JCI accredited hospitals.

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