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Internship Makers is an international agency that specialises in finding students internships abroad.

Finding an internship abroad is often a daunting and mundane task that can take up allot of your time. Internship Makers offers a service that takes out all of the stress of looking for an internship abroad so all you have left to do is pack your bags and book your flights!

Internship Makers specialises in finding students personalised internship packages in a variety of different countries such as Malta, France, London, America, Spain, Chile and Australia. We are the leading provider of high quality internships and we offer assistance right through the entire time you are abroad on your internship, until you return to your home country.

We also provide additional services depending on the students requirements. This can include airport transfers, sim cards for the country, organising excursions, house keeping services, welcome baskets with essentials and many more. These services can be added on before you arrive, or can be added on once you arrive in the country.

We specialise in many different fields such as Business, Marketing, Management, Communication and Tourism internships e.c.t.

As we have many partnerships with companies all around the world, we can guarantee you not only a professional internship, but they also provide other services such as finding you accommodation that is within your budget, interview tips and airport transfers if you need.

You will not regret choosing Internship Makers to find your internship and take care of everything for you, including finding the internship and an accommodation abroad. Feel free to visit our website on or send us an email on

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