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2.75 Mio. Dollars - World Record! Leon Verres creates the most expensive and most exclusive champagne of all times!

His children care project "I stand for children" means a lot to Leon Verres, who is known as luxury designer all over the world. His latest creation, the "Le Billionaire Champagne", is supposed to help him to collect as much money as possible for "I stand for children". With that, Leon Verres created the most expensive and most exclusive champagne of all times. The 9 liter diamond bottle, which is breathtakingly beautiful and fascinates everybody, is worth 2.75 million dollars and this fact puts it currently on the first rank of the ultra exclusive champagne ranking. People and media have the chance see this champagne bottle and let themselves become convinced by its uniqueness in the framework of the "Le Billionaire Champagne" World Tour 2010.

In times of a global economic crisis, it is a huge risk to put all of one's eggs in one "luxury-basket". However, it was worth it, because the "Le Billionaire Champagne" has taken 42 countries by storm within a period of only 6 months after the introduction of the regular "Le Billionaire Champagne" series. The Leon Verres Luxury Group - LVLG in short - was strengthened in its position as the most quickly growing and most independent luxury brand worldwide due to this impressive introduction into the world's champagne market.

According to Leon Verres, it is not important to lead a luxury lifestyle in order to create luxury products. In his opinion, people like him, who had to struggle to climb the social ladder, have better things to do than celebrating themselves as something special all the time, spending their time on luxury yachts and strolling across the red carpet on the weekends. It is also no secret that this champagne was only created in order to collect as much money as possible for suffering children. For Leon Verres it is the most terrible thing in the world if a child has to cry because of hunger. A moment like this always makes his heart ache. For the fact that children are our future he thinks that they have to be treated well. This is also the reason because of which Leon Verres feels great motivation, big joy and satisfaction after the completion of the three years taking passionate creation period of his "Le Billionaire Champagne" and his euphoric acceptance into the high society. Only a few years ago he would have never allowed himself to dream about becoming the creator of the most expensive and most exclusive champagne brand of all times one day. At that time it had after all even been impossible for him to afford a chocolate bar with champagne flavor. For that reason, he thanks the "Legion Verres", his supporters whose number amounts to about 2 million men and woman worldwide, who have been passionately at his side for many years already and whose success has been the winning of more and more market shares from the big luxury products groups year after year. Verres is sure that now is the time of small luxury companies and that the big giants will collapse like the Roman Empire had long ago. He wants to prove that David can win the battle against Goliath also in the world of luxury. He wants everybody to see that it is not necessary to sell one's soul to the luxury groups in order to have worldwide success as a designer. Verres' opinion to that is: "Maybe the devil wears Prada, but he certainly does not wear Verres!"

"Leon Verres has been creating luxury products for people who always want to have the very best," says Francis McDermott, Executive Board Member, "Verres' creations are the result of a development period which has been lasting for years and therefore they are complex masterpieces. At this the best materials worldwide are processed by using traditional craftsmanship. Mass production, like it is common in the industry, is not used for Verres' products, each "Le Billionaire Champagne" bottle is manually produced in France. The bottles are unique, each of them is different, but all bottles are valuable, rare and very exclusive. This is also a reason for Leon Verres to only produce a limited number of bottles. Each person who works for Leon Verres has the same goal: the production of the best champagne in the world - for the most demanding people worldwide. It is the aim of all Verresians to be the best in the whole world. Due to the extraordinary high demands and the strong competitive thinking, there is no doubt that the development team of the LVLG, which is led by Leon Verres, will still be the elite in this branch in the future."

The world record bottle

With a price of 2.75 million dollars, the Salmanazar-bottle from the line of products "Le Billionaire Champagne", which contains 9 liters, is not only the collection's icing on the cake but at the same time also the most valuable champagne-bottle of all times. The bottle, which is filled with the most exclusive champagne, covered with one hundred sparkling diamonds and crowned with a shapka, a Russian fur cap, exudes a unique classiness in its designer dress. Only five of the bottles, which have a breath taking appearance and are referred as "piece of history" by Leon Verres, have been launched on the global market and this is the reason why he makes history exactly with these bottles. Billionaires from Dubai, China, Russia and India have already got themselves Leon Verres' glamorous collectibles, so that only one exemplary is still available. Exactly this single piece will be presented to the world in the framework of the "Le Billionaire Champagne" World Tour. However, also this bottle is to fulfill Verres' goal and will be auctioned for a good cause at the end of the tour. The revenue will inure to the benefit of the children from Leon Verres' project "I stand for children".

However, Leon Verres created two alternative versions, so that no one has to do without the "Le Billionaire Champagne". Both alternative bottles are luxurious as well as glamorous, however they are affordable. These bottles are a 0.75l bottle, which is an exact copy of its 2.75 million dollars costing sister, and the "Gold Version", an antique bottle, which also contents 0.75l and is ornamented by a star-shaped, golden metal label, but without fur. One of the highlights of these two alternative bottles is that they both contain champagne of the same grape gathering, which was used for the 9l Salmanazar diamond bottle. Both bottle types will be available for purchase on www.leonverres.com as of 2010.

Haute Champagne - or extraordinary indulgence

Leon Verres' "Le Billionaire Champagne" is considered all over the world as one of the most luxury champagnes of its kind, because the established quality reached a level which has set new standards in the world of wine. Each bottle of the "Le Billionaire Champagne" collection exudes for its owner the pride and the superiority of an exclusive lifestyle due to its manufacturing by masterly craftsmanship. However, the most important point is that each person, who owns one of these unique bottles, supports with this the children of the project "I stand for children".

There will be neither a mainstream nor a mass production of Leon Verres' champagne. It is too exclusive for this. It will only be served in selected restaurants, hotels, bars and clubs. The home of the "Le Billionaire Champagne" is where lifestyle-luxury is lived out gladly.

Incomparable taste

Only top quality cuvees of the Chardonnay, the Blanc de Blancs, are used for the Brut Prestige of Leon Verres' "Le Billionaire Champagne". The elegant flavor of the "Le Billionaire Champagne" develops immediately after the antique bottle has been opened and makes the heart of each epicure beat faster due to an aromatic scent of fruity honey. The flavor is perfected by vanilla and whitethorn and it gives the champagne a flowery note. A taste of lightly roasted almonds and butter brioche dominates, whereas the tangy champagne pearls "explode" in the mouth and turn the consumption of the champagne into a real moment of joy. The tender finish additionally stimulates the taste papillae and turns the "Le Billionaire Champagne" into the ideal champagne for the celebration of victories.

Famous, high-profile people as well as experts of the wine world and testers of well-known epicure magazines confirm the uniqueness of this masterly developed "creation". The "Le Billionaire Champagne" is the embodiment of the ultimate luxury for them.


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