Lemurian Healings: Ancient Art Brought Back To Modern Times By Maya Devi

Maya Devi, the Co-Founder of Center of Theta Healing (www.centerforthetahealing.com), adds the Art of ancient Lemurian healings (www.lemurianhealings.com) to her private retreat center in Asheville/Marshall, North Carolina.

Co-Founder of Center for Theta Healing (www.centerforthetahealing.com), Maya Devi presents a comprehensive, compelling and detailed information regarding the ancient healing arts of the legendary Land of Lemuria.

It has been described that the legendary Lemurian civilization on Earth preceded that of the similarly and more famous Atlantis. The main difference was that Lemurians had a greater awareness of the inter-connectivity of everything and everyone in the Cosmos. The Lemurians who were more connected to the Source of All Creation, loves Gaia (mother earth) very much.

It has been said, in the beginning, the Lemurians were not fully physicalized as we are today, and were ethereal beings. They worked together in harmony with the Source Energy/Creator, and therefore co-creates with all the elemental forces of nature.

Lemurian energy still strongly exists on the planet today and is being held in certain cultures and energy gridworks around the planet, especially in the inner earth. This is supposed to be a time of a great awakening and shift as exemplified by the recent media attention to the Mayan calendar.

This shift of human awareness towards the connection with Gaia or Mother Earth is very much prominent in James Cameron's movie Avatar. A key note here is that Avatar shattered all box-office records as a movie that underlines the trend towards energy healing. It is a movie that showcases a deep spiritual connection and awareness to anything and everything around us.

Maya Devi assists her clients through the journey of healing, self empowerment, and help them find their own magical connection to the inner and outer world and even beyond. According to Maya Devi
"For humanity to again awaken to their own inner power of healing, cleansing must first take place."

Maya Devi is not only a Lemurian Healer, she is also a Certified Advanced Theta Healer, Certified Reiki Healer, Certified Yoga Instructor, and a Meditation practitioner for over thirty five years.

She comes from a long line of healers most notably following in the footsteps of her grandmother, grandfather and great grandfather who were legendary healers in her native Philippines. She now brings to the world today a much needed healing modality that is in tune with the challenging times of today and beyond.

Each of her sessions are tailor made to each individual which means that the preparation work will differ depending on what each client needs personally. She teaches and shares stories about her Lemurian ancestry and their healing arts and how to invoke and work with this energy. She also offers distance healing which are just as effective as the one on one sessions she holds at her retreat center.

Some of the testimonials of the effectiveness of Lemurian Healings are:

" After receiving Maya's healing over the phone I felt deeply renewed. I felt a weight had been lifted from my body. I felt clear and full of light. It was a powerful transforming body experience. I couldn't have imagined a more Powerful healing and especially through a phone session! I am most grateful for this deep healing. And for days, I felt a deep sense of freedom which I still feel now. Thank you Maya for the most needed clearings I have long yearned for."

~ Caroline, Yoga Teacher, New York

" Maya Devi is by far the most amazing healer I have come in contact with. Her understanding of the new technologies of DNA healing at advanced speed is breathtaking and hard to believe. Her spiritual understanding and universal knowledge about the human process of downloading and replacing DNA history is near Godlike work! I cannot explain how fast and permanently it changed my thinking forever to a more positive super charged thought process in every field of my mind, soul and spirit. I highly recommend every person who wants to make an appointment with this very special light being to do so as soon as possible. You cannot afford not to see her."

Iain Mclean, Film Director
Hollywood, Los Angeles, California

Her center is privately nestled in a tranquil and beautiful setting, two minutes walk from the well known retreat center of Prama Institute, within the 150 acres of forested land. There are numerous trails and pathways to walk along and at the same time enjoy listening to the joyous chirping and singing of numerous birds in the area. There is an abundance of colorful and beautiful wild flowers and organic gardens surrounding the property that enhances her clients' healing experiences.

For more information and to book your own session please contact her through her website at www.lemurianhealings.com and send Maya Devi an email for serious inquiry.

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