Legal Nurse Network (LNN) Announced Today That It Has Launched A New, Comprehensive, State-of-the-art Website.

The Legal Nurse Network is located in KY and is comprised of a small group of people dedicated to helping Legal Nurse Consultants with technical issues, secure email, computer physical security, website development and Search Engine Optimization.

Barbara Tinnell Tate, RN, BSN, CNLCP, LNCC established Integrity Consulting: Medical-Legal Services, LLC in Kentucky in 2006. Her former attention-to-detail quality oriented background with an international organization and her nursing background as a home health nurse, a medical floor staff nurse and as a nursing supervisor made her an ideal choice for reading between the lines and alerting Attorney Clients to hidden issues in their cases regarding medical standards and outcomes. Unlike most medically-based nurses, she had an additional psychiatric background which also made her invaluable regarding will contests and domestic relations.

Continuing to work in home health on the weekends while growing her business during the week, Barbara was able to bring her consulting business to full time status within a few years by building a loyal client base with return business. She attended additional training to become certified as a Life Care Planner and to perform Medicare Set-Aside Allocations as well. Soon after in 2009, Barbara met and then married Lee Tate whose specialty was Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. Lee had never heard of a "Legal Nurse" and became fascinated by the role they play in legal processes. He was also impressed by the intelligence and the determination displayed by the other Legal Nurses that he met through Barbara and wanted to find a way to help them be successful. He quickly realized that, like Barbara, they were expert nurses, but the majority of them knew precious little about technical matters, marketing and Search Engine Optimization. He and Barbara decided that they wanted to team up to fill that need for fellow Legal Nurse Consultants and the Legal Nurse Network was begun in 2013.

Much of a Legal Nurse Consultant's work is done on a computer, from reviewing digital records, to secure emails regarding a case, to video conferences, to file storage to submitting her expert analytic reports; the Legal Nurse Consultant must be able to work in the technical environment. The Legal Nurse Network (LNN) is unique in that it strives to have the Legal Nurse Consultant's technical back as he or she builds and performs her business. The Legal Nurse Network can assist the Legal Nurse Consultant with choosing and setting up the computer, installing software, anti-virus programs, or troubleshooting operational or virus issues. "Just having someone to call when your computer is acting squirrelly would have been a real lifesaver to me!" Barbara laughed. "The only thing I had ever done on a computer was check my email and write a research paper, so having to teach myself to use programs such as Adobe and find someone I could trust to help me when something broke down were very difficult for me. I would have given anything for access to this type of service!" The Legal Nurse Network offers a remote technical support program to clean up your computer and to keep it running smoothly and quickly, as many problems can be fixed remotely and have you back up and running with an hour or two. As most computer problems seem to occur just when your biggest report is due, the last thing you want to have to face is having to unplug everything and find a shop to look at your computer. With The Legal Nurse Network's service, within minutes, you could have a LNN tech remote viewing your computer and fixing the problem!

Medical record security is also a hot issue, especially for Legal Nurse Consultants who do Defense work as Barbara does. For email security, LNN offers excellent email encryption that is quick to install, easy to use and will give you instant peace of mind. THE LNN also has a store full of helpful software, anti-virus or anti-malware programs and physical security measures such as laptop cable locks or PC lockdown plates.

Some Legal Nurse Consultants do not yet have a website and don't know where to start. THE Legal Nurse Network offers several different website packages with combinations of options to suit everyone. Whether you create your website yourself, having us create a custom site for you, or somewhere in between- The Legal Nurse Network will have the perfect website opportunity to express you and your dreams for your business!

Some Legal Nurse Consultants already have a site but it is buried under millions of other entries on the internet. THE Legal Nurse Network offers truly expert SEO services to have your website come up at or near the top of a keyword search for what you do in your area! Unlike other SEO "experts" who promise a lot, charge a ton for pay per clicks and deliver less than you expected, LNN's SEO will get you where you want to be, for less! We can make sure that you are seen, then the rest is up to you!

Need help with marketing? Everyone hates cold calling. Call The Legal Nurse Network for a consultation for ideas about other marketing options such as LinkedIn Optimization! And soon to come is a comprehensive forum for Legal Nurse Consultants to chat, post, and ask question, teach or brainstorm concepts in a secure environment.

SO, Legal Nurse Consultants can now rest assured that whether it is technical support, website development or SEO results, The Legal Nurse Network is the one stop go-to for their technical needs!

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