LED Lamp and Energy Saving Lamp, Which One Is Better?

Nowadays, there is no doubt that many people have heard energy saving lamp and LED light. But do you know which one is better for people's health and daily life? Come to AgainSky (www.againsky.com) to find the answer.

Nowadays, there is no doubt that many people have heard energy saving lamp and LED light. But do you know which one is better for people's health and daily life? Come to AgainSky (www.againsky.com), a leading company who is dedicated to designing and producing LED lights and lamps for various indoor lighting and outdoor lighting occasions, and you can clearly see which is better.

The research results show a series of differences between LED lamp and energy saving lamp, as follows:

During the production and after the use waste of energy saving lamp, there is mercury pollution that has been taken quite seriously by the current western countries. And more and more national have began to realize the dangers of mercury pollution. But in contrast, LED lamp is environmental protection without any mercury harmful substances. Besides, the assembling parts of LED light are easy to dismount and can be recycled not only through factories.

Because of the glass material, energy saving lamp is easy to broke and hard to transport and install. While LED lamp adopts solid-state encapsulation, belonging to the cold light source type, which makes it very easy to transport and install. Also, LED light can be installed in any tiny and closed equipment without afraid of vibration and basically without considering the heat dissipation.

The power consumption of energy saving lamp is larger than LED lamp. For example, the power consumption of white emitting color LED lamp is only 1/10 of incandescent lamp, and a quarter of energy saving lamp.

Energy saving lamp has short lifespan and is easy to damage, especially under the frequent start or shut off, the filament will broke very soon. But LED lamp has long service life up to 100,000 hours and can perform well under high-speed state.

AgainSky is a leading professional LED lamps and LED lighting solutions manufacturer and provider. AgainSky is created by Guangzhou Yuhang Trading Co.,Ltd, who was established in 2007. Adopting the advanced LED technology, AgainSky specializes in LED lights and LED appliances for ODM and OEM. Due to innovation, safety control, best quality and perfect service, we have own a good reputation in the fields of LED lamps.

With many years' development, we have grown up into one of the best LED lamps manufacturers that can own the capacity of providing nearly 10,000 pieces of various LED lights per day. Our technical advancements have been primarily focused on two goals: "developing more economical and energy-saving solutions, and ensuring maximum environmental compatibility". Under this precondition, R&D engineers are given the freedom to exploit new LED products. And our main products include indoor LED lightings and outdoor LED lightings, such as LED ceiling light, LED candle light, LED bulb lamp, LED panel light, LED motorcycle light, LED track lamp and so on. Nowadays, we have been becoming stronger and more confident than before, so an office has been set up in Bangkok, Thailand, in 2011.

"Ends well is well to you" is our responsibility, and we still need to focus more on the road.

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