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Our leather shirts are custom made to order using your choice of design, size, and materials. We can design for all body sizes and types - yes, plus sizes welcome to order.

Do you think that leather skirts are attire that may fade- out with the changing trend and season? Think again. Tracking back the history of leather apparels, leather garments have never left the fashion industry. Through the course of transformation of fashion world, it has seen great changes and along the time, it has left its mark through years. Talking about a broader niche, leather has been seen in different forms of fashion appurtenances ranging from leather chokers to leather shoes or leather bags to leather belts. It is no doubt that leather has been a treat for females even during summers as it allows them to look alluring and stay reasonably cool at the same time. Apparently, leather skirts are one of the most coveted attires by women and are suitable for hot weather.

Benefits of leather skirts:
It is well known that leather skirts add a coquettish look to a female's body and enhances her beauty. With help of various attractive leather skirts you will be able to flaunt your persona and the look that you desire to wear.

Mermaid Pattern leather skirt+:
Mermaid or fish cut leather skirts is something which can make you look significantly attractive. It can be said that this pattern is inspired by the 'mermaid wedding gown' style and bears resemblance to certain extent. The difference is that it comes in leather and does not enjoy similar embellishments.

Full length skirt patterns:
The spectrum of full length leather skirt is extravagantly filled with different luscious patterns to help you be the center of attention.

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