Not just an average field trip, Red Bank Elementary School visited Sylvan Dell Publishing to share ideas and compete in Jeopardy.

Fourteen students and 9 teachers from Red Bank Elementary in Lexington, SC stormed Sylvan Dell Publishing to learn about the business and to compete in a heated game of Classroom Jeopardy!®.

Not the average field trip; Students of Red Bank Elementary are part of the iPad learning community. On this day, students not only learned about the publishing business, but also gave the publisher insight into the possibilities with digital learning. After studying five Sylvan Dell titles over the past month, twelve students traveled as competitors for the event, and two videographers were there to catch all the action.

The day began with introductions from the Sylvan Dell staff and a brief description of how each person fits into the puzzle of taking an idea through production to bookshelves. Owners Lee and Donna German shared how Sylvan Dell started and the hard work it takes to build a business. The children were excited to see original art and get a sneak peak at the new books that haven't made it to print just yet.

As part of their "homework" prior to the field trip, the students studied five digital Sylvan Dell titles on their iPads, after sharing with the crowd their favorite book, the game was on. Local meteorologist, Dave Williams played the role of host asking questions from books with a weather or ocean theme. The Classroom Jeopardy!® moved quickly through question after question, with a selected number of questions in Spanish. After a close game, a winner prevailed and prizes were awarded.

In the end, it was Sylvan Dell that was surprised with a fully edited commercial. The videographers had worked throughout the event capturing each moment, and pulling together a movie for everyone to watch.

At the end of the day, each attendee learned a little more about business, technology and education integration. Set to release its new iPad app Fun eReader in October, Sylvan Dell values the time spent with these third, fourth and fifth grade students. Their insight into the digital world and the skills they are developing via mobile devices is important to the improvement of products today.

About Sylvan Dell Publishing

Sylvan Dell is on a mission to improve child literacy with science and math through fictional picture books. Using prose and pictures, children are delighted with stories of their favorite animals, planets, or even place, which leads to the exploration of facts and learning activities in each book's For Creative Minds pages. Sylvan Dell carefully designs each book to portray subjects accurately, vetted by experts in that field and aligned to common core and state standards; they are an asset to homes and educational programs. Sylvan Dell has grown to include more than 80 authors and illustrators, and honored to have won more than 70 book awards since its inception in 2004.