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Learn How to Play Guitar and Bass For Only $18 a Year

leading online guitar instruction site, Dangerous Guitar is offering members the chance to pay only $18 for one full year's worth of guitar and bass lessons.

Allowing guitar enthusiasts to learn everything they need to know about guitar and bass guitar without breaking the bank, DangerousGuitar.com is offering one-year membership to the site for a very low fee. By using the Promo Code: DANGERDEAL, members get 100% access to instructions for both guitar and bass for only $18.

For guitar players who want to learn how to play or learn advanced techniques in jazz or Spanish guitar, nothing beats learning guitar lessons from the pros. A common challenge faced by guitar enthusiasts, however, is the lack of time needed to attend traditional guitar classes.

DangerousGuitar.com offers a way to learn guitar in all levels - and without having to leave home at that. Presenting guitar and bass guitar lessons online, the website caters to all styles and all genres of music at affordable costs.

To truly provide quality online guitar lessons, DangerousGuitar.com partners with more than 30 of the top guitar artists in the country. Covering rock, blues, jazz, country, classical, and other music genres are instructors George Lynch, Damon Johnson, Brother Cane, Bugs Henderson, Greg Martin, Redd Volkaert, Clint Strong, Jack Pearson, Doug Stouffer, Mark Akin, Neil Swanson, Chris Carrington, Sam Swank, and many more.

At DangerousGuitar.com, anyone can get the online guitar lessons they need regardless of expert level. From people who have never picked up a guitar to savvy advanced players who want to enhance their skill, the website can provide the necessary training and lessons from professional musicians.

DangerousGuitar.com offers unlimited access to over 650 high quality, video lessons uploaded and updated weekly by the instructors. Learners get no cheesy computer generated files. The jam tracks are professionally recorded for students to play along with and work on their rhythm and lead guitar skills.

To learn more about the Dangerous Guitar one-year membership promo for online bass and guitar lessons, please visit http://dangerousguitar.com for information.

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