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Leading UK Security Firm Provides Highest Calibre Security Guard Service

Secure Site UK assures premier level, yet affordable, security guard services all over the UK with SIA Licensed, CRB checked uniformed security guards, mobile patrol officers and NASDU approved security dog handlers

UK commercial property owners looking for quality security on their premises need look no further - Leading UK security firm Secure Site UK provides the highest calibre security guard services nationwide.

The company assures affordable rates as well.

"You might have got surveillance devices fixed for your premises but a human presence is always needed to ensure a complete check-up on security for your commercial property. We can provide you with our highly trained, experienced & uniformed security guards who can give you the necessary premium level of security for your premises", stated a firm spokesperson. "All our uniformed guards are CRB checked and SIA licensed".

The Secure Site UK guards work to prevent theft, vandalism as well as fire and water damage accidents. They also offer help in controlling visitor access to the client's property.

"We can extend the security guard coverage for as long as you need them. It could be day time security or overnight or round the clock security. We can also provide weekend security provision as well, especially for larger premises like transport yards, construction sites or industrial properties & warehouses", added in the spokesperson.

The Security Guard services at Security Site UK also include Security dog - handler assistance & mobile patrols.

"We assure that all our dog handlers are re-evaluated to ensure premium standards at required quarterly, monthly & annual intervals. This helps them to stay updated on all latest legal regulations regarding property security here in the UK", advised the firm's spokesperson. "Security-dog services are more effective than lone security guards & our experienced dog handlers are capable of replacing several security officers- thus it could be a budget-friendly option for you."

Our professional dog handlers use the animal's enhanced senses to detect intruders or trespassers through their astonishing smell sensitivity, sharp hearing and keen sight. "The dog handlers are quickly alerted to any unexpected activity on the property by their canine partner, often well before the surveillance system senses it" stressed the Secure Site UK spokesperson.

"Our mobile patrol officers are smart enough to follow a different patrolling sequence everyday so that it's impossible for the thieves or vandals to identify a pattern. We extend a 24 hours security coverage, even on holidays and weekends", commented another spokesperson for Secure Site UK.

Secure Site UK offers a comprehensive range of security services such as vacant property security, locksmith services, squatter eviction services, hazardous waste disposal etc.

Secure Site UK- Secure Site UK is a long established security company in the UK which offers a comprehensive range of premium commercial property security services by highly trained, experienced, CRB checked & SIA licensed officials, at budget-friendly rates.

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