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Leading Academic Proofreading Company Reaches 30 Million Words

Proofread My Essay has this month proofread its 30 millionth word. The company has been delivering excellent proofreading standards since its inception in February 2010, and continues to grow.

One of the UK's leading academic proofreading services, Proofread My Essay, has this month proofread its 30 millionth word. The company has been delivering excellent proofreading standards since its inception in February 2010, and continues to grow.

Reaching the milestone of having proofread 30 million words has taken this online proofreading company four years of consistently delivering an excellent product, which is both affordable and easily accessible. Reaching this number demonstrates the ongoing success of this approachable proofreading service. Specialising in academic proofreading, Proofread My Essay maintains the philosophy that every student, no matter what their level of English is, has the right to have help in presenting their ideas and arguments clearly.

The team at Proofread My Essay has ensured that their customers come away from the experience satisfied, which has resulted in a high level of repeat custom. The returning customers are representative of the excellent service that the company provides, and make up for a large portion of the company's clientele.

Kiran Chauhan, founder of Proofread My Essay, recently stated, "It is truly an exciting time to be at Proofread My Essay. We recently had our 5000th customer, and are now celebrating having proofread in excess of 30 million words! As an online business, it can be hard to be seen amidst the other companies offering similar services. This is why we rely on customer satisfaction. Many of the words that make up this milestone are those of returning customers, some of whom have been with us since the very beginning. We are passionate about having strong relationships with our customers from the start, and value each individual's experience with us. I feel that these relationships are key to Proofread My Essay's success. We are looking forward to proofreading the next 30 million words!"

The company has previously reported that their try-before-you-buy offer has been an integral element to creating a strong customer base. Their unique 500-word free sample system gives potential new customers the opportunity to submit a 500-word sample completely free. This service sets Proofread My Essay apart from other online proofreading companies. It gives people a chance to see first-hand how the professional proofreaders can improve and enhance their written English, with no obligation to purchase after the free sample has been received.

The company is now experiencing growth in demand, as their clientele has become larger and more varied, ranging from students, to businesses, to aspiring authors. This also highlights the necessity of having access to affordable, efficient editing and proofreading services. Having a reliable proofreading company readily available has proved itself to be crucial for many, and makes all the difference between getting a higher grade for a well-formatted error-free essay, or securing an interview from a well-written cover letter, or raising the credibility of an online service by having a perfectly written website.

The company is meticulous about quality-checking work before it is returned to the customer. To ensure that this process is swift and efficient, Proofread My Essay relies on their team of professional, highly educated (having post-graduate degrees or PhDs), expert proofreaders. They have a rigorous vetting process for all new applicants wishing to join their band of editors, only hiring those with the right experience, focus, and ability that the role requires. Not only are the proofreaders some of the best, but they come from a wide variety of academic disciplines. Having such a great team at their disposal, Proofread My Essay can cater for almost anybody with a proofreading need. The aptitude of these experts is seen repeatedly in the service that Proofread My Essay provides, where every word is important. Dedication and passion for the English language makes this academic proofreading service a proven success with its customers.

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Proofread My Essay offers a versatile, flexible online proofreading service, available to anyone who wishes to improve and enhance his or her written English. They specialise in academic proofreading, and are experts when it comes to proofreading ESL documents. The business is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, so new and old clients alike have the freedom to upload their work at the time that is most convenient to them. For more information regarding the company and their services, please go to

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