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Leader in Smartphone Photography Gear Introduces New Flexible Mounts for Tablets, Kindles, and IPads

iStabilizer recently released two new products; the tabMount and the tabFlex, to make taking photos on Kindles and tablets even easier.

iStabilizerâ„¢, the industry forerunner in universal lightweight and compact tripods, steady cams and mounts for mobile devices and digital cameras, recently unveiled two new additions to its product line, tabMount and tabFlex.

The new mounts are designed to steady tablets and Kindles of all kinds, including all generations of iPad. The tabMount and tabFlex allow users to increase the functionality and portability of their tablets by giving them the ability to take photos and videos hands free.

Video: Innovative ways to use tablets with iStabilizer tabMount and tabFlex - Click Here

Both mount models are designed to work with any tablet, holding it securely horizontally or vertically but not interfering with its buttons. The spring-loaded mounts accommodate any tablet's protective case as well, allowing users to get expanded utility from their devices without fear of dropping them.

The list of innovative uses for mounted tablets is expanding, and some of the more common uses include; virtual sheet music holder, kitchen cookbook stand, back of the seat in-vehicle video player, video recorder and camera, and more. The tabFlex model makes it possible to have worry free and hands free tablet usage, even on uneven or even vertical surfaces as its supports flex and wrap around any object.

Noah Rasheta, founder and CEO of iStabilizer recently said, "tabMount and tabFlex" both give people who love using tablets a whole new range of safe uses for their devices. Smartphones made it easy for people to enjoy high-definition photography and video on the go. However, most people find the small screen of a phone severely limits usability. Tablets have the same accessibility along with the benefit of a much larger screen. Because mounting options were lacking, requiring users to keep at least one hand on the device during use, iStabilizer created new mounts to allow for a completely hands-off user experience. iStabilizer customers seem especially excited about finding all kinds of new uses for their tablets."

iStabilizer tabMount includes hands-free stability for photography and videography, reading, reference, and more, along with detachable universal mounts fitting widths and heights up to 8.25''. It can been seen it in action HERE

iStabilizer tabFlex includes the same features as iStabilizer tabMount, along with flexible leg tripod base that can be used to secure a tablet to any surface, or even looped around an object such as a tree, fence post, or car headrest. It can be seen it in action HERE

All of the iStabilizer products are available for purchase on iStabilizer will be running a 50% off sale for Cyber Monday for the duration on Monday, December 2. The tabMount and tabFlex will both be included in the Cyber Monday sale.

To request additional information about the iStabilizer brand and its products, please contact Blair Nastasi with Media Moguls PR by phone at (801)664-6061 or by e-mail at

About iStabilizer:
Based in Park City, Utah, iStabilizer designs universal smartphone mounts that allow users to create professional, high quality photos and videos. With their lightweight and compact tripods, dollies, steady cams and mounts, iStabilizer helps amateurs and professionals alike, turn ordinary camera work into extraordinary works of art. iStabilizer's team of highly motivated creative individuals are committed to providing the highest level of product performance and service, for many years to come. For more information or to purchase an iStabilizer smartphone mount, visit

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