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Lawrence Kepecs Discovers a Cure for Stubborn Warts, Basal Cell Carcinoma, and Toe Fungus

Rabbi Cantor Lawrence Eliezer Kepecs, a religious leader, teacher, and motivator, tries many different techniques, & discovers a home treatment for various maladies that worked each time he and his family tried it.

This treatment for curing warts, curing Basal Cell Carcinoma, and curing toe fungus is one of Rabbi Cantor Kepecs' best discoveries. Though he has medical doctors in his family, he himself is not one, and through determination and persistence over years, Cantor Kepecs ruled out all the treatments that did not work for him, and experimented until he found the home treatments that did work for him.

After ridding one's body of Basal Cell using his technique, Cantor Kepecs suggests, "making sure you have the treated area examined by a physician to be sure it is all gone." He feels that this treatment might also work on other more serious carcinomas, though he says that he has not yet tested it on those. Kepecs warns to keep the solution away from one's eyes. If the treatment area is on the face, to prevent eye damage, keep the eye closed that is closest to the area for as long as the area remains wet.

When asked to tell his story, Cantor Kepecs began, "I've heard stories of people blasting off their fingers with a gun trying to remove their warts. That is a technique that I would not recommend. Six years ago, I burned my finger on a hot stove. That very burn turned into a stubborn wart the likes of which I had never seen before in my life. So beginning five years ago, I began using doctors - Dermatologists for a period of 2 years to try to get rid of this wart, to no avail. They would freeze it with liquid nitrogen, and shave it off. This process took place every 2 weeks. Eventually, the wart virus spread all over the finger tip. Then I realized I had to try something else; no more doctors for this particular problem of mine."

These are all the home remedies he attempted and reported on:

Soaking overnight in apple cider vinegar many times, which made the finger swell, and smell, but did not get rid of the warts.

Using store bought freeze remedies , which seemed like they were working for a little while, but ended up a total waste of money.

Using store bought salycillic acid pads, which burned the warts, but they came right back to annoy some more.

Using straight Hydrochloric acid on a Q-tip for hours at a time, which stung on the initial application, and then not so much. He used this over months, but it did nothing.

Using straight chlorine bleach, which disinfected the warts nicely, but the warts remained.

Using surgical waterproof tape the doctor had given him, which was a waste of good tape.

Taping a copper penny to it for a few weeks, which did a nice job turning the wart green, if you like green warts, but did not get rid of the problem.

Using a certain fruit and vegetable rinse that Kepecs' sister gave him from her network marketing company, which fizzed nicely when applying it to the area. It's very good for fruits and vegetables, but not so much for warts. The warts remained.

Using Silver Nitrate to "burn away" the warts. The area became a nice black color, but the warts were very happy staying where they were.

Finally, using grey 3M duct tape for a week, cutting out air and light, and sealing in moisture and sweat, crusted over and got rid of the main original six year old wart, AND then a week or so later, treating the entire area with straight Food Grade 35% Hydrogen Peroxide got rid of all 8 of the rest of them (store bought is only 3%). It only took about 3 weeks total for both parts of the treatment. He says, "You have to store the 35% H2O2 in the freezer, and use an eye dropper bottle for application, like the ones used in pool testing kits." Before applying it, he recommends roughening the skin with an emery board or sandpaper, to help it penetrate. He says it turns the entire skin area white for a couple of days, and immediately feels stinging in the initial application only, but is not felt in subsequent applications. The 35% Peroxide quickly penetrates deep into the wart, killing it. Upon examining his skin now, the skin is all healed, and looks great. He even got his fingerprint back. Surprisingly, there was no scarring from all the previous treatments, and the finger looks normal again.

Such was the wart roller coaster ride. This is the only home remedy that seemed to work on the most subborn warts. First try the grey duct tape remedy for a couple of weeks, and then if that doesn't quite do it, try the Peroxide remedy. From Cantor Kepecs' experience, the 35% Peroxide will kill any toe fungus one may have as well. If it gets under the toenail, he says one will feel a stinging sensation- like someone is sawing off your toe, but it will heal it.

On another occasion, Cantor Kepecs witnessed the cure of Basal Cell Carcinomas without scarring too. He explains his mother had Basal Cell on her nose. "On my advice, she used this H2O2 on it twice a day, which dried it up in a matter of two weeks; it fell off (not the nose, just the basal cell carcinoma,) and she is back to normal now with no scar." Kepecs does warn again, "when it's on the face keep the eye closest to the area closed as foaming will occur which could damage the eye." He explains also that his father cured his toe fungus using this treatment as well, and whenever he gets an infection in his fingernail from gardening, he cures it with this. This is truly amazing stuff.

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