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To prepare for winter it is a good idea to improve the drainage of your lawn.

Lawn care and lawn treatments do not come to a halt just because your lawn doesn't need trimming or weeding. During the harsh winter months your lawn also needs attention, even though less than in the spring and summer.

To prepare for winter it is a good idea to improve the drainage of your lawn. You can do it yourself with a garden fork and bit of effort. Push the fork into the soil as deep as you can and wriggle it around. Repeat every 5 or so inches. This will create air channels.

Another way to prepare your lawn to survive the cold winter and thrive when summer is back is to give it autumn lawn fertilizer. This kind of fertilizer, which has comparatively low nitrogen content, promotes the growth of roots, which will help the lawn to get through winter.

During autumn it is good to raise the cutting height of your mower. Also reduce how often you the grass. Both these measures are aimed at reducing the damage to the leafs, leaving the lawn healthier at the beginning of winter.

Moss should also be removed during autumn. Various good and safe moss killers are easily available on the market. Use as instructed.

Top dressing is the last step of the winter preparation program. This will improve drainage and keep the aerification holes you made open. Less dense growth as well as creating a more level lawncare is two other advantages.

If possible stay of the lawn when there is frost or if it is wet. During these cold months the grass is dormant and not actively growing. This means it won't be able to repair any damage caused by you walking over it.

As a matter of fact, a snow cover is more desirable than heavy traffic over a winter lawn.

A common mistake is to overfeed the lawn during the winter. Overfeeding leads to early growth that will be killed if the cold weather returns or linger longer than expected. This will also result if you use a spring or summer fertilizer. These have a high percentage of nitrogen which promotes the growth of leaves. This will have an overall detrimental effect on your lawn.

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Remove all leaves and debris that might be on the lawn. A light rake or even a brush is good to do this. Also scarify the lawn in order to remove the cut grass that has become compacted on the surface. Leaving this can cause the new growth to be choked.

There are various electrical leaf sweepers and lawn vacuums available. These can make your life easier but remember it is better to keep heavy equipment of the lawn because of the damage they can cause.

Winter is a good time to lawn treatment service your mower so that it doesn't break down during summer leaving you with an overgrown lawn and an unplanned expense. Reading up about lawn care for spring and summer is a good way to invest in your lawn.

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