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Laureate BVI Fund Posts Strong Returns for the Month of February

Laureate BVI CEO Peter Tasca says, "It would not surprise me if we see stock prices in certain situations go up 15-20% but we caution investors that with expanding multiples and higher stock prices there is also higher risk."

Laureate BVI reports the fund continues to out rank as the top performing global mutual fund with a year-to-date return of +4.62%.

Laureate reports although risk remains for emerging markets, including China, there are still opportunities in equities to capitalize and deliver substantial returns to our investors.

Year-to-date the Nasdaq is up 3.15 per cent and the S & P 500 is up 0.96 per cent.

Laureate BVI CEO Peter Tasca says, "Earning multiples have averaged about 15, it would not surprise me if we see stock prices in certain situations increase 15-20% in 2014."

Laureate BVI issued a Sell rating on in Apple (AAPL) on 02/19/14, locking in a profit of over 100%.

Laureate reports that the sentiment on Apple (AAPL) is turning bearish as illustrated by the complete liquidation of Apple shares by billionaire investor Alisher Usmanov who is shifting assets to market neutral opportunities in China and Russia.

For the month of February Laureate issued a buy on the following: Arm Holdings (ARMH) at US$44.75, the stock is currently at US$48.70 with a 12 month target of US$60.00, IAC/InterActive (IACI) at US$77.50, the stock is currently at US$72 with a 12 month target of US$100.00, increase target price on Facebook (FB) to US$80.00, our recommendation on this stock is up over 108%.

Laureate also issued sell ratings on the following: Bond Funds, Apple (AAPL) at US$554.75, the stock is currently at US$536.13 with a 12 month target of US$400.00, Twitter (TWTR) at US$65.97, the stock is currently at US$45.70.

As risk factors will accumulate as the year goes on, the appropriate action for our investors will be to maintain our long positions that have been performing well. We recommend toinitiate stop-loss points on all equity holdings to protect profits. Tasca states, "We have outperformed the S & P 500 month-over-month and we aim to do the same throughout the year, this is definitely a stock pickers market."

About Laureate Trust

Laureate Trust is a leading financial services company with a proud reputation for adapting to marketplace trends and delivering results to clients worldwide. The proven advisory teams combine product and sector expertise with access to global capital to offer exceptional results in any market environment. In 2013 this multiple platform strategy returned +23.01% net of all fees.

Laureate works with financial advisers and family offices through its Referral Fee Programme that pays 2% commission of the initial deposit and then a management fee for the life of the account. "We want our partners to benefit from every bit of success they help us generate" said Tasca.

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