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Launch Of Jade Magnet - Independent Account Management Program

This is to announce the launch of a new program - Independent Account Management program in Jade Magnet

Jade Magnet, a technology platform for design and marketing requirements for SMEs across the globe, announced the launch of its Independent Account Management Program on 26 Sept, 2011. The program helps entrepreneurially inclined people in creating a thriving marketing and communications business.

The program is targeted at Passionate Sales Professionals, Marketing consultants, Professional content writers, Creative Entrepreneurs and Student self-starters who are looking to test the entrepreneurial waters. An Account Manager can tap into the global opportunity for business requirements in the field of services which Jade Magnet offers and can use the platform as a virtual delivery arm to get the delivery and execution done.

Dinesh Nadh, Program Coordinator for the Account Management Program said, "The idea is to enable people who have been thinking of starting up on their own, to run this as an independent business. Instead of investing time and effort in building the team and processes to manage project delivery, they can use the pool of over 4,500 designers, developers and brand strategists on the Jade Magnet platform to get the same executed. We have been trying to run this as a pilot with around 30 account managers across various parts of the world and have seen some great response already. A lot of these account managers could be people selling complementary services to their clients and hence this program not only enables them to widen their services and stay more with their clients but also act as an additional source of income.

The program will help account managers earn anywhere between 7.5% to 12.5% per project, based on the business they are able to generate."

To launch the program, Jade Magnet is conducting a webinar on 26th Sept to share more details. The webinar will be held at 1600 hrs IST. You can register for the webinar at www.jademagnet.com/accountmanager

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