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Launch of Handheld GPS Navigator Reviews Website States the Worthy and the Worthless

CashPower LLC announces new website that reviews navigator products by Garmin.

The newest launch from CashPower LLC, a top Internet marketing firm, is a website that reviews handheld GPS navigator products by Garmin. The three products reviewed are the Garmin 60CSx, Garmin 62S and the Garmin eTrex 20. The website compares each navigator covering various important features such as price and warranty as well as the loaded maps.

First off, what is a handheld GPS navigator? It is a device that can show the current location of any place in the world through global positioning system (GPS) signals. These handheld products are already loaded with GPS maps that generally show longitude and latitude coordinates.

These three handheld GPS navigators all have several things in common including a track log where a path can automatically be traced in both directions, GPS maps with automated routing and tide and marine data.

However, there are differences in each navigator as well and all three should be compared to see which suits current needs. Crucial key features might be a speedy processor and a very receptive receiver that is capable of obtaining satellites quicker when going through rough areas. Of course price and durability is an imperative aspect as well. fan, Alisha Tyler, says that the site came up in search engine results when trying to decide on a handheld GPS navigator. It strongly influenced the navigator purchased. Garmin 60CSx was the navigator of choice and thanks to these reviews; it was the perfect product and suited everyday needs. This fan couldn't be more satisfied with the Garmin 60CSx and the handheld GPS navigator reviews.

The distinctiveness about this site is that together with the reviews are real Gamin customers stating opinions on each of the GPS navigators which give you even more confirmation of what are the best Gamin GPS navigators and what aren't. Each customer states honestly and is very straightforward on what is satisfying with the Garmin products or what specifically makes the navigator a train wreck.

To find out more about the Garmin 60CSx, Garmin 62S and Garmin eTrex 20 handheld GPS navigator products, check out the reviews at

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