Latest App Premiere: Renatus Sends Slot of Conquest to Facebook

A first-hand look at the epic release of new slots game from Renatus Media, LLC. This week the publishing company launched its new title Slot of Conquest for Facebook crowd.

It finally happened...

A slots game, built on the enthralling hybrid of slots and farming mechanics, found its way to Facebook. Slot of Conquest is its name, and Renatus is the name of its publisher. The US-based publishing company has just brought into the world a game with "a bit of history repeating".

The game belongs to a popular slot machine simulator genre and offers its players a walk along the path, once trodden by monsieur Napoleon Bonaparte. In Slot of Conquest, the French guy's given a second chance to conquer around 10 European countries and Russia.

No violence at all. There'll be no troops and no bloodsheds in Slot of Conquest - only sessions of playing harmless slot machines. As stirring as a roller coaster ride.

Casino game fans are advised to quit boring, featureless slots games for the sake of this fresh title full of personality. Each slot machine's got its own face - the "face" of the nation it dwells in. Full of the most typical country representatives (according to widely spread stereotypes), every reel spin is like a short trip there. Lively, animated elements depicting the heart of each nation do a little dance as you win.

Besides bringing in bright colors and giving a purely casino-like pleasure, Slot of Conquest can make life much longer. Humor is the best cure and the sweetest elixir of life, and this slots game is fully packed with such stuff - bonus 'guess' games and hilarious voice-over are just laugh-out-loud-able.

Yet, it's not only about laughing and winning virtual money - Napoleon has a more serious mission to do. Conquering is just halfway to success in Slot of Conquest! Our brave commander must let out the part of his personality that's called 'farmer', and do some farming on the hard-won territories. It's necessary to "grow" constructions, upgrade them and - the best part - collect regular revenues.

Luck, fortune, god's gift of slot machine whispering - Slot of Conquest will reveal if those are the player's second names or not. Eternal winners surely have nothing to worry about, while losers can always grasp any of the 'straws' - daily bonuses, fortune wheel, help from their best Facebook friends.

This time Napoleon's destiny is in the hands of slots games fans, and something tells that Europe's gonna fall!

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