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Latest Additions To Dorothy And Theodore, Verry Kerry

Dorothy and Theodore have begun providing limited edition maternity wear made by Verry Kerry. The maternity wear comes in a range of designs and styles including dresses, blouses and overcoats.

Verry Kerry is brand that's passionate about its products being ethically made. They design clothing that will last beyond the current fashion season, but more importantly, beyond a pregnancy. Most maternity clothing can only be worn by women whilst they are pregnant, but the designs from Verry Kerry have been made with the intention of the clothes being worn after the pregnancy as well, meaning women can enjoy their clothes long after they've had their baby.

The clothes from Verry Kerry suit the values of Dorothy and Theodore and the other handmade goods they offer to customers. Being ethically made, these clothes ensure a good wage, and have been approved by Fair Trade manufacturers in India.

Dorothy and Theodore is excited to be offering their customers a range of clothes from Verry Kerry. A Customer Service Representative for Dorothy and Theodore commented, "it's hard to find maternity wear that women can continue wearing after their pregnancy, simply because most maternity wear is made to accommodate a baby bump, and doesn't look good without one. Verry Kerry has put a lot of time and effort into their designs, creating some gorgeous pieces of clothing that women can come to love throughout their pregnancy, and continue wearing for years after."

Maternity wear can cost a lot of money, and for many women there's no point in buying it, as they'll only be able to wear it for a few months of the year. The maternity wear from Verry Kerry not only gives women the clothing they want for their pregnancy, but it also gives them the ability to wear that clothing after they've had their baby.

Dorothy and Theodore is an online baby boutique based in the UK. They offer a wide range of handmade goods for babies, parents and the home through their website. They are always expanding their ranges for their customers, to bring them everything they need for their home, their babies and themselves.

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