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Last of the 2012's

Saying goodbuy to the last of the 2012 Chevrolet vehicles and looking forward to new 2013 model year products.

Last of the 2012's

It has been a great year for Chevrolet in 2012.

It is only October and the last of the 2012 model year vehicles are just about gone.

With great deals all year long it is not surprising that they are selling out so early.

Customers have been raving about their new Chevrolet vehicles such as the Equinox, Cruze, and of course the Silverado, and Silverado HD.

Feedback has been great for the Traverse as well as the Sonic although availability for them is slim headed into winter.

Camaro and corvette sales have been outstanding for 2012. Thanks to GM and Callaway for such wonderful products.

Chevrolet Avalanche. 2013 will be the final year of production in the current configuration. Many owners love this vehicles quality and configuration above all other trucks and will share in the joy of having them around for one last year. As for the Suburban, (built on the same chassis) it is going away after this year as well.

A definite recommendation in a mid-size car was the Malibu. The features that were standard as well as the platinum addition models in 2012 are great value. Chevrolet has done a fantastic job in the re-design for 2013 Malibu as well.

As for the first year for the Chevrolet Orlando in 2012 it has had a lot of interest. For a small vehicle with seven passengers seating, it is definitely versatile.

Out of the gate in 2012, the extended range fully electric Chevrolet Volt. Driving one is certainly an experience. A commute to and from work, without burning any gas has now become a reality.

With 2013 arriving so soon and the last of the 2012's leaving the dealership, anticipation is that customers will continue to support Chevrolet into the winter and into the 2013 model year.

Exiting new products for 2013 are being sold already, the all new Malibu, the new Spark, and the new Traverse. Just around the corner, the new Chevrolet Tracks SUV.

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