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Last Call for 'FaithVu Founders' to Be Part of Game-changing, Captivating Prayer App

FaithVu ("FaithView"), a nonprofit project, will enable a customizable, engaging and inspiring 'Personal Prayer Place' app for Facebook, mobile, and tablet. This app will empower folks to witness and share God's graces like never before.

In the final days of its FaithVu app crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter [ ], FaithVu ("FaithView") is calling for its last 'Founders' to step forward and make a difference in the lives of potentially millions. The 'FaithVu Founders', who have joined so far, want to be one of the first to join, lead, and make an impact on the lives of others by establishing this special app.

GivingVu ("GivingVu"), the nonprofit powering the FaithVu app, realizes that in today's hyper-active society full of too much media consumption, too much work, and too many extracurricular activities, there is less time being spent in contemplation, prayer and reflection - especially by the teens and 20-somethings. Rather than fight this trend, FaithVu is "getting into the media mix" to disrupt the smartphone and Facebook routine of teens and collegians to make time for God each day. FaithVu will leverage the benefits of digital media devices and social networking to enable an app that inspires and binds people closer to their community of Faith.

The core function of the FaithVu ("FaithView") app will be to provide users with an innovative and immersive experience that gives them a unique and powerful "Vu" ("view") into of the strength of God's graces and their faith community. Each app user will be able to customize and personalize their prayer place to their denomination needs. The FaithVu app demo, presented here by Sean Sweeney, Chief Steward of FaithVu, demonstrates what the app experience is like for him, a Catholic father of 3 kids.
[ ]. So, keep your mind open and creativity flowing as you watch the demo and think of how you'd like to personalize this experience to meet your faith needs.

After getting a second chance at life and following God's call to be more purposeful with his work skills, Sean Sweeney was directed on a path to found the GivingVu ("GivingView") nonprofit and enable this FaithVu service. FaithVu is powered by, Inc., a Colorado nonprofit corporation focused on spiritual development and charity work. GivingVu's mission is to enable services and digital apps that increase the GIVING acts of FAITH, HELP, and CHARITY amongst communities.

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