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Lannister Knight Launches in Middle East with Opening of Dubai Office

Lannister Knight DMCC, specialist trader of physical precious metals and a consultant service to oil and gas investors, is pleased to announce its launch in the Middle East with their Dubai office opening.

In recent times, with currencies constantly in flux, conventional investments become more risky and less reliable. Lannister Knight offers precious metal investments as a safe haven, which have for thousands of years preserved wealth as a hedge against inflation and has now become an essential portfolio diversification during periods of instability and uncertainty.

Lannister Knight offer their products and expertise to clients, allowing them to invest, trade and store their metals, rather than them entrusting the bank with their capital because as the French enlightenment author Voltaire said in 1729: "Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value-zero." Investors either take physical delivery of their precious metals or have the option of an unallocated investment with high liquidity and no insurance or storage costs.

David Ramsey, CEO of Lannister Knight, says: "In an age of increasing economic uncertainty, our clients are always looking for safe havens and when all else looks bleak, the outlook is bright for precious metals. But, in the past few months, there has been another clear winner on returns and that is shale oil. With global oil resources dwindling and the race to find alternative energy sources being run at full speed ahead, the new global shale oil discoveries are attracting much interest due the rewarding returns. And this is just the tip of the ice berg as some are even speculating that the US will in the future overtake Saudi Arabia as the world's top oil producer."

Getting significant returns on investments can sometimes feel like drawing blood from a stone, but what about oil? Shale oil, referring to oil accumulations in tightly packed rock that are difficult to extract, has recently been booming and Lannister Knight is supporting their clients by facilitating their investments. Lannister Knight doesn't offer customers to simply buy stock in an oil and gas company via the stock exchange, it involves directly investing money in the drilling and completion of wells, thereby actually owning a portion of the well and receiving a monthly share of any income it generates.

Shale oil, as the newest addition to its extensive offerings, Sales and Trading Director Matthew Marney commented: "Though in most parts of the world drilled oil belongs to the government, in the US, oil drilled on a plot of land belongs to the land owners themselves. Lannister Knight has begun offering Middle Eastern clients the opportunity to invest in new-found Kentucky-based oil wells, offering lucrative returns on shale oil and gas around 24% per annum. Some are playing down the significance of the shale oil boom, saying it is a temporary bubble but this has the potential to significantly change the global energy outlook and go some way to catering for the ever increasing global oil consumption and balance oil prices during periods of political unrest in OPEC countries"

There is the old adage:'You can't take coals to Newcastle,' but Lannister Knight are confident about bringing shale oil investment opportunities to the home of oil, The Middle East, where investors understand the value of investing in energy.

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